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Ehime University
Graduate School of Science and Engineering Materials Science and Biotechnology
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Graduate School, Division of Engineering, Kyoto University
Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University

Published Papers

Tomomichi Itoh, Katsuaki Kojima, Hiroaki Shimomoto, Eiji Ihara
Polymer   158 158-165   Dec 2018
© 2018 Elsevier Ltd This study reported the control of molecular weights of functional polymer chains attached to the surfaces of the narrowly distributed environmentally responsive particles obtained from a single step process. As a proof-of-conc...
Tomohisa Takaya, Tatsuya Oda, Yuki Shibazaki, Yumiko Hayashi, Hiroaki Shimomoto, Eiji Ihara, Yukihide Ishibashi, Tsuyoshi Asahi, Koichi Iwata
Macromolecules   51 5430-5439   Jul 2018
© 2018 American Chemical Society. The excited-state dynamics of pyrene incorporated into poly(substituted methylene)s is investigated by picosecond time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy and femtosecond time-resolved near-IR absorption spectrosco...
Kazuhiro Shikinaka, Kenta Suzuki, Hiroyasu Masunaga, Eiji Ihara, Kiyotaka Shigehara
Polymer International   67 495-499   May 2018
© 2018 Society of Chemical Industry In this study, we estimated the chain nature of atactic and stereoregular poly(substituted methylene)s containing a phenylmethoxy side chain at each main-chain backbone carbon atom using synchrotron X-ray scatte...
Hiroaki Shimomoto, Tomohiko Kudo, Shogo Tsunematsu, Tomomichi Itoh, Eiji Ihara
Macromolecules   51 328-335   Jan 2018
© 2017 American Chemical Society. Pd-initiated polymerization of fluorine (F)-containing alkyl and phenyl diazoacetates is described. Polymerization of 2,2,2-trifluoroethyl diazoacetate [Et(CF3)DA] with π-allylPdCl afforded a C-C main chain polyme...
Fuminobu Kato, Alvin Chandra, Masatoshi Tokita, Hironori Asano, Hiroaki Shimomoto, Eiji Ihara, Teruaki Hayakawa
ACS Macro Letters   7 37-41   Jan 2018
© 2017 American Chemical Society. The cyclotriphosphazene-substituted diazoacetate homopolymer (polyPNDA′) (PNDA′ = hexaphenoxy-substituted phosphazene-containing methylene) and a novel poly(substituted methylene) block copolymer, polyPNDA′-block-...
Hiroaki Shimomoto, Hiroto Mukai, Hideaki Bekku, Tomomichi Itoh, Eiji Ihara
Macromolecules   50 9233-9238   Dec 2017
© 2017 American Chemical Society. Transition-metal-catalyzed N-H insertion of a diazocarbonyl compound is applied for polycondensation for the first time to give a new type of aromatic polyamine. The well-defined polyamines were obtained by [RuCl2...
Hiroaki Shimomoto, Junya Kawamata, Hirokazu Murakami, Kazuki Yamashita, Tomomichi Itoh, Eiji Ihara
Polymer Chemistry   8 4030-4037   Jul 2017
©2017 The Royal Society of Chemistry. The initiating ability of a new system, amidinate/Pd, for the polymerization of diazoacetates is described. The system is effective in affording relatively high number-average molecular weight (Mn) polymers fr...
Tomomichi Itoh, Shingo Okada, Katsuaki Kojima, Hironori Asano, Hiroaki Shimomoto, Eiji Ihara
Polymer   118 215-222   Jun 2017
© 2017 Elsevier Ltd A novel poly(L-lysine) macromonomer was successfully prepared via a click reaction between vinyl benzyl azide and propargyl-terminated poly(L-lysine), and it was used as a functional stabilizer for the dispersion polymerization...
Hiroaki Shimomoto, Misaki Kikuchi, Junya Aoyama, Dai Sakayoshi, Tomomichi Itoh, Eiji Ihara
Macromolecules   49 8459-8465   Nov 2016
© 2016 American Chemical Society. Cyclopolymerization of bis(diazocarbonyl) compounds is described for the first time. By choosing appropriate reaction conditions and monomer structures, the cyclopolymerization of bis(diazoacetate)s efficiently pr...
Hiroaki Shimomoto, Eiji Ihara
Kobunshi   65 515-516   Sep 2016
Recent developments of Pd-initiated polymerization of diazoacetates are described. Polymerization of diazoacetates is a useful method for preparing C-C main chain polymers bearing an ester substituent on each main chain carbon atom [poly(substitut...


Hajime Yasuda, Eiji Ihara, Takenori Fujimura, Youhei Maeno, Keiji Ogata, Yoshinori Sato, Guillame Desurmond
Journal of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan   58(11) 1084-1094   2000
Organo Rare Earth Metal Initiated Living Polymerizations of Polar and Nonpolar Monomers(共著)
ACS Symposium Series   704 149   1998
Rare Earth Metal-Initiated Polymerizations of Polar and Nonpolar Monomers(共著)
Journal of Macromolecular Science, Part A : Pure and Applied Chemistry   A34 1929   1997
Rare Earth Metal-Initiated Living Polymerizations of Polar and Nonpolar Monomers(共著)
Advances in Polymer Science   133 53   1997
Single Site Polymerization of Ethylene and 1-Olefins Catalyzed by Rare Earth Metal Complexes(共著)
New Macromolecular Architecture and Functions   41   1996
Rare Earth Metal Polymerization Initiators(共著)
Polymeric Materials Encyclopedia   10 7359   1996
Rare Earth Matal Initiated Polymerization to Give High Polymers with Narrow Molecular Weight Distribution(共著)
Macromolecular Symposia   95 203   1995
Eiji IHARA, Masakazu MORIMOTO, Hajime YASUDA
Proc. Japan Acad.   71(4) 126-131   1995
Syrtheses of Monodisperse Polyodefins(共著)
Kobunshi Ronbunshu   51(10) 637   1994
High Molecular Weight Monodisperse Polymers Synthesized by Rare Earch Metal Complexes(共著)
Catalyst Design for Tailor-made Polyolefins   237   1994

Books etc

Polymerization of Chiral Cyclic Carbonates Catalyzed by Rare Earth Metal Complexes(共著)
Precision Polymers and Nano-Organized Systems   2000   

Conference Activities & Talks

Fluorinated Poly(substituted methylene)s Prepared by Pd-Initiated Polymerization of Fluorine-Containing Alkyl and Phenyl Diazoacetates: Their Unique Solubility and Postpolymerization
Hiraki Shimomoto, Tomohiko Kudo, Shogo Tsunematsu, Tomomichi Itoh, Eiji Ihara
The 12th SPSJ International Polymer Conference (IPC2018)   4 Dec 2018   
Light-induced shape changes of non-spherical polymer particles prepared by dispersion polymerizations of azobenzene monomers
Tomomichi Itoh, Tatsuro Aki, Yuki Mori, Kento Tsutsui, Hiroaki Shimomoto, Eiji Ihara
The 12th SPSJ International Polymer Conference (IPC2018)   4 Dec 2018   
Pd-initiated Polymerization of Diazoacetate [Invited]
Eiji Ihara
2018 Taiwan-Japan Bilateral Symposium   2 Oct 2018   
Pd-initiated Polymerization of Diazoacetate to Afford Poly(alkoxycarbonylmethylene) [Invited]
Eiji Ihara
Japan-Korea Joint Symposiumon Polymer Science 2018 Innovative soft matters by microstructure control   25 Jul 2018   
Pd-initiated Polymerization of Diazoacetates: New Synthetic Strategy for C-C Main Chain Polymers [Invited]
Eiji Ihara
The Polymer Society of Korea Annual Spring Meeting International Symposium on Polymer Synthesis   5 Apr 2018   
New Polymeric Materials Prepared by Polymerization of Diazoacetates: C-C Main Chain Polymers with Densely Packed Substituents [Invited]
Eiji Ihara
2018 Asian-Nano Symposium on Macromolecules   4 Apr 2018   
Pd-initiated Polymerization of Diazoacetates: New Synthetic Strategy for C-C Main Chain Polymers
International Symposium on Advanced Polymeric Materials 2017 (ISAPM 2017)   Aug 2017   
Pd-initiated controlled polymerization of diazoacetates [Invited]
The 251th American Chemical Society National Meeting   13 Mar 2016   
Pd-Initiated Controlled Polymerization of Diazoacetates [Invited]
The 10th East Asian Symposium on Polymers for Advanced Technology (EASPAT 2015)   27 Jul 2015   
Cyclopolymerization of Bifunctional Diazocarbonyl Compounds Using Pd Complexes
Misaki Kikuchi, ○Hiroaki Shimomoto, Tomomichi Itoh, and Eiji Ihara
IUPAC 11th International Conference on Advanced Polymers via Macromolecular Engineering (APME 2015)   18 Oct 2015   
Controlled Polymerization of Diazoacetates by Pd-based Initiating Systems [Invited]
IUPAC 11th International Conference on Advanced Polymers via Macromolecular Engineering (APME 2015)   18 Oct 2015   

Research Grants & Projects

Polymer Syntheses by Organcmetallic Complexes