SIBA Yoshiki

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SIBA Yoshiki
Hiroshima University
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
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Graduate School, Division of Dental Research, Hiroshima University
Faculty of Dentistry, Hiroshima University


Anchorage-dependent protection from cell death by epidermal growth factor from salivary glands
Dentistry in Japan   (29) 27-30   1992
Relase of calcein and amylase in acinar cells acini of rat parotid glands
Journal of the Japan Salivary Gland Society   (34) 65-67   1993
Scanning electron microscopic study of the regeneration of taste buds and dermal papillae in the barbels of Corydoras aeneus.
J. Hiroshima Univ. Dent. Soc.   26 7-13   1994
Keratin 19-like immunoreactivity in receptor colls of mammalian taste buds.
Chemical Senses   19 251-264   1994
Eur. Arch. Otorhinolaryngol.   256 S38-S41   1999

Books etc

Delayed change in gap-junctional cell communication in the acinus of the rat submandibular gland atier seciltion of saliva
Elsevier Science Publishers   1993   
Analysis of anion secretion by the gramicidin-@erforated patch recording in secretory epithelial cells
Research Signpost, Recent Res. Devel. Membrane Biol. 1:11-21   2002   
Gap junctional intercellular communication and salivary secretion of amylase and calcein in rat parotid glands.
Progress in Cell Research   1995   

Research Grants & Projects

Mechanism of Salivary Secretion
Mechanism of Taste Sensation
Physiological Role of Gap-Junctional Intercellular Communication