Takatani Michio

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Takatani Michio
Hiroshima University
Job title
Ph.D.(The University of Tokyo), Master of Arts in Sociology(The University of Tokyo)
Research funding number

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Oct 2001
Professor, Hiroshima University
Apr 1990
Sep 2001
Associate Professor, Hiroshima University
Apr 1988
Mar 1990
Associate Professor, Kagoshima University
Apr 1983
Mar 1988
Lecturer, Kagoshima University
Apr 1982
Mar 1983
Research Associate, Kagoshima University


Apr 1981
Mar 1982
Graduate School, Division of Sociology, The University of Tokyo
Apr 1974
Mar 1979
Faculty of Liberal Arts, The University of Tokyo

Committee Memberships

Dec 2012
Dec 2016
University of Yangon (Myanmar)  Visiting Professor

Published Papers

Rethinking Cultural Context of Myanmar from Anthropological Point of View
Universities Historical Research Centre= Myanmar (ed.)Post Colonial Society and Culture in Southeast Asia   2 27-37   Feb 2001
Who are the Shan?: An Ethnological Perspective
Southeast Asian Studies   35(4) 38-56   Mar 1998   [Refereed]
Urban Character of Festivals in Rangoon
Bulletin of the National Museum of Ethnology Special Issue   13(2) 221-251   Oct 1988   [Refereed]
Buddhism and Society in Burma: An Essay through a Comparison of Buddhism
The Japanese Journal of Ethnology   47(1) 51-71   Jun 1982   [Refereed]
Recent Japanese Ethnographic Studies on Southeast Asia
Southeast Adia: History and Culture   (20) 152-156   May 1991   [Refereed]

Books etc

Inter-Ethnic Relations in the Making of Mainland Southeast Asia (An Anthropological Analysis of Burmanization of the Shan)
Center for Southeast Asian Studies= kyoto University   Apr 1998   
Exploring Ethnic Diversity in Burma (Who are the Shan? An Ethnological Perspective)
Jul 2007   ISBN:108791114969
Anthropological Study of Tourism in Myanmar
Jan 1999   ISBN:938580179
Ethnicity in Burma (Myanmar)
Feb 2008   
Lectures on Anthropological Knowledge
Feb 2008   
Cultural Anthropology of Tsunagari
Feb 2012   ISBN:9784861631795C3039
Anthropological Study on Practical Religion-Theravada Buddhism (Comparative study of Pagoda Festivals in Burma)
Kyoto University Press   Mar 1993   
Anthropological Studies on Conflicts of "Ethnic Groups" and Nations (An Anthropological Study of Shan Ethnicity in Burma)
May 1993   
Islands of Hayato Area (Social History of Satsunan Islands)
SHOGAKUKAN   Oct 1990   
History and Folklore in Southwestern Japan (Social Life and Cosmology in Yakushima Island)
Sep 1990   

Conference Activities & Talks

An Anthropological Study of Dr. J. N. Cushing's Dictionary [Invited]
The Seminar on "The Cultural Heritage of Tai (Shan) Ethnic Group"   13 Dec 2012   The Central Committee of the Shan Literature and Culture Association
Rethinking "Political Tourism" in Myanmar
23 Feb 2014   
Ethnic Identification in Shan (Tai) Cultural Area [Invited]
The Seminar organized by the Central Committee of the Shan Literature and Culture Association   30 Dec 2016   The Central Committee of the Shan Literature and Culture Association
Material Culture in Shan (Tai/Tay:) Cultural Area (SCA) [Invited]
The 3rd Conference of Tai Society for Historical Studies   30 Dec 2017   
Prayer for Water, by the Water and for the Water in Japan [Invited]
International Conference on Traditions of Water in Asia: Beliefs, Practices and Transformations   12 Dec 2018   SEAMEO Regional Centre for History and Traditions


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