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Former Institution / Organization Yasuda Women's University Faculty of Human Ecology, Dept. of Nutritional Sciences
Job title
Doctor of Science(Nagoya University)

Research Areas


Committee Memberships

日本生化学会、日本遺伝学会、米国遺伝学会、米国微生物学会、国際共生生物学会  日本生化学会評議員、国際共生生物学会学会賞選考委員


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Crystallin Synthesis by Chicken Lens (]G0003[). mRNA Stabilization under the <in vitro> Culture Conditions.(共著)
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Isolation and Purification of Cytoknin Binding Protein from Tobacco Leaves by Affinity Column Chromatography.(共著)
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Books etc

Sexual Interactions in 〈Saccharomyces cerevisiae〉 with Special Reference to the Regulation of Sexual Agglutinability. in Sexual Interactions (共著) in Eukaryotic Mictrobes edited by D. H. O'Day and P. H. Horgan
Academic Press   1981   
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Mannuals for Advanced Bio-instruments (共編)
Kyoritu Pub. Co.   1994   

Research Grants & Projects

Application of trans-kingdom conjugation and genome analysis on food microbes
Project Year: 2003   
Molecular biology of Agrobacterial genomics and their DNA delivery system
Project Year: 1989   
Molecular mechanism of trans-kingdom conjugation and sexuality
Project Year: 1989   
Molecular organization and evolution of mitochondrial genomes in fungi.
Project Year: 1989