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Yamaguchi University
Western Languages and Literatures Faculty of Humanities YAMAGUCHI UNIVERSITY
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Doctor (Philosophy), Master (Arts)
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Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 1996
Professor, Faculty of Humanities, YAMAGUCHI UNIVERSITY


Sep 1987
Modern German Literature (Minor: Philosophy, Japanology), Faculty of Humanities, Erlangen-Nuremberg University
Aug 1999
Modern German Literatur (Minor: Philosophy, Japanology), Graduate School, Division of Letters, Erlangen-Nuremberg University

Published Papers

Literary Dreams in the Works of Natsume Soseki at the Threshold of Japanese Modernity
1 239-258   2017   [Refereed][Invited]
Study on narrative tense in Natsume Soseki's works: The dimension of fiction in time
2 143-169   2017   [Refereed][Invited]
Translation as Critical Reading. A Transcultural Approach to Literature
Hintereder-Emde, Franz
Journal of Cross-Cultural Studies   (2) 73-83   Mar 2008
Translations of Natsume Sosekis "I AM THE CAT" in comparison. A cross-cultural reading
Hintereder-Emde, Franz
Transkulturalität. Identitäten in neuem Licht. Asiatische Germanistentagung in Kanazawa 2008   187-193   Mar 2012
Hintereder-Emde, Franz
Expanding the Frontiers of Comparative Literature.   1 241-248   Aug 2013
This paper analyses translations of the same work in three different languages, English, French and German. It shows cultural and interpretative aspects and the different methods of translational work.
German Translations of Natsume Soseki's Works. About (Non-) Reception of Non-European Literature
Hintereder-Emde, Franz
Yamaguchi University German-Frenche Literature No. 35   (35) 27-32   Dec 2013
Although well-know as an important japanese author, the work of Natsume Soseki is translatet in a small range and hardly object of research in the German speaking regions. This paper analyses historical, cultural and aspects of science history of ...
Hintereder-Emde, Franz
Gewollt oder geworden? Planung, Zufall, natuerliche Entwicklung in Japan. Referate des 4. Japanologentags der OAG in Tokyo 1994   108-118   Mar 1996   [Refereed]
Hintereder-Emde, Franz
Jahrbuch des Deutschen Instituts fuer Japanstudien   12 65-89   May 2000   [Refereed]
"German Studies" vs. "Germanistik als Kulturwissenschaft"
Hintereder-Emde Franz
KulturPoetik   1(2) 241-260   May 2001   [Refereed][Invited]
JALT2006 Conference Proceedings   1132-1139   Jul 2006   [Refereed]
Interkulturelle Kompetenz. Neue Herausforderungen fuer den Deutschunterricht am Beispiel Japan
Franz Hintereder-Emde
Akten des XI. Internationalen Germanistenkongresses Paris 2005   79(3) 101-106   Jul 2007
Hintereder-Emde Franz
Highbrow and Lowbrow Literature.   1 415-428   Mar 2015   [Refereed]
This paper discusses the newest film adaptations of Grimm`s Fairy Tales, particularly "Snow White"


Between Canon and Entertainment. Intercultural and Intermedial Aspects of Highbrow and Lowbrow Literature
1 9-22   2016   [Refereed]
Afterword: "The Miner" by Natsume Soseki
216-232   2016   [Refereed]
Das Paradox des reisenden Flaneurs
Hintereder-Emde, Franz
Wulf Noll: Den zuckenden Kugelfisch ueberlebt. Japanische Lesereise   123-127   2007
Hintereder-Emde, Franz
In der Ferne zuhause, die Heimat im Blick. Ortslektorinnen und Ortslektoren berichten; ein Lesebuch   276-289   Aug 2011
How to Keep Motivation in Foreign Language Classes
Hintereder-Emde, Franz
Handbook for Faculty Development   (4) 35-37   Mar 2012
Das Paradox des reisenden Flaneurs
Hintereder-Emde, Franz
Wulf Noll: Den zuckenden Kugelfisch ueberlebt. Japanische Lesereise   123-127   Apr 2007
In good Japanese Hands
News from Robert-Walser-Society   (19) 5-11   May 2012

Books etc

Between Canon and Entertainement. Intercultural and Intermediate Aspects of Highbrow and Lowbrow Literature
HINTEREDER EMDE FRANZ, Harrer, Konrad/ Bourguignon, Annie (Part:Joint Editor, Co-Editor)
Frank & Timme   Mar 2016   
Der Bergmann
Natsume Soseki, Hintereder-Emde Franz (Part:Single Translation, Translation, Notes, Afterword)
be.bra-Verlag   2016   
Robert Walser Works 4, Bandit/Short Prose Collection II
Niimoto Fuminari, Wakabayashi Megumi, HINTEREDER-EMDE Franz (Part:Joint Translation)
Choeisha   Oct 2015   
High brow and Low brow Literature.
HINTEREDER EMDE FRANZ, Harrer, Konrad/ Bourguignon, Annie (Part:Joint Editor, Co-Editor)
Frank & Timme   2015   
Europa schreibt.
Choeisha   Aug 2008   ISBN:978486265148
Robert Walser Collected Works Vol. 4
Niimoto Fuminari / Hintereder-Emde, Franz (Part:Joint Translation)
Choeisha   Oct 2012   ISBN:4862653758

Conference Activities & Talks

Dream in Japanese Mugen Noh Dramas [Invited]
ILCA Research Committee "Dream Cultures"   31 Aug 2018   
Hintereder-Emde, Franz
21. World Congress of the International Comparative Literature Association   21 Jul 2016   International Comparative Literature Association
"The many languages of Comparative Languages" was the main topic of this congress. The comparison of literary texts from different cultural spheres and in different languages was at the origin of comparative literature. Even after comparatist para...
Snow White Reloaded. Grimms Märchen im digitalen Zeitalter
28 Nov 2013   
Literary Dream in the Works of Natsume S?seki at the Threshold of Japanese Modernity
Hintereder-Emde Franz
The XIXth Congress of the International Comparative Literature Association (ICLA)   18 Jul 2013   International Comparative Literature Association (ICLA)
A paper on the meaning and depiction of dream in Natsume Soseki's works, especially "Ten Nights of Dreams" and "Kusamakura".&0a;
Perception - Illusion - Self Awareness. Human Borderline Situations in Natsume S?sekis The Miner/K?fu.
28 Aug 2012   
Natsume Soseki's Translations into German
Hintereder-Emde, Franz
XII. IVG-Kongress Warschau 2010, Sektion 16: Theorie und Geschichte der Translationswissenschaft   30 Jul 2010   
Translating Soseki's Kofu into German Language: Some Aspects of Translation
Hintereder-Emde Franz
Conference International Association for Japanese Studies (IAJS) The 5th Convention   14 Nov 2009   International Association for Japanese Studies (IAJS)
An analysis of Natsume Soseki's work "The Miner" at the occasion of translating it into German. It focused on time depiction and the point of view of the narration.
On search of the lost Heart. The Sorrow of the Modern Soseki
Hintereder-Emde Franz
Fukuoka Unesco International Culture Seminar   24 Oct 2008   Fukuoka Unesco
This paper discusses the critical approach of Natsume Soseki to the Features of Modernity
In the German Eye: We as Foreigner
Hintereder-Emde, Franz
"Linked by Beauty" Berlin State Museum of Asian Art. Japanese Art Masterpieces Exhibition   14 Sep 2008   
Its a lecture on the Asien Art Works from Berlin Asia Museum and focuses on aspect of Culture and Foreign Culture as seen through the Art Works.

Teaching Experience


Research Grants & Projects

Hybrid Genres and Synesthesia. Interaction between Modern Literature and Painting
Japan Society for the Promotion fo Science: Kakenhi
Project Year: Apr 2018 - Mar 2022    Investigator(s): HINTEREDER-EMDE Franz
Invading the Bounderies of Highbrow and Lowbrow Literature. The Actuality of Robert Walsers and Friedrich Glausers Writing Strategies.
Japan Society for the Promotion fo Science: Kakenhi
Project Year: Apr 2014 - Mar 2016    Investigator(s): HINTEREDER-EMDE Franz
In this project, we analyzed the process of evaluation of literature starting from the work of Swiss writers Robert Walser and Friedrich Glauser in a multidimensional way and discussed the topic beyond ages, media and cultural spheres. Through the...
Natsume Sosekis Übersetzungen ins Deutsche. Eine Fallstudie außereuropäischen Literatur
DAAD: DAAD-Forschungsmittel
Project Year: Jan 2010 - Dec 2010    Investigator(s): HINTEREDER-EMDE Franz