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Yamaguchi University
Graduate School of Medicine Applied Molecular Bioscience(Agriculture) Graduate School of Medicine(Agriculture) YAMAGUCHI UNIVERSITY
Job title
Master of agriculture(Yamaguchi University), Ph.D.(Yamaguchi University)
Other affiliation
Yamaguchi University
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Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Sep 1987
Jan 1990
Research Associate, School of Medicine, YAMAGUCHI UNIVERSITY
Feb 1990
Mar 1991
Associate Professor, Faculty of Agriculture, YAMAGUCHI UNIVERSITY
Apr 2001
Mar 2006
Professor, Graduate School of Medicine(Agriculture), YAMAGUCHI UNIVERSITY
Apr 2006
Apr 2016
Professor, Graduate School of Medicine(Agriculture), YAMAGUCHI UNIVERSITY


Mar 1978
Faculty of Agriculture, Yamaguchi University
Mar 1980
Graduate School, Division of Agriculture, Yamaguchi University
Mar 1984
Graduate School, Division of Medicine, Yamaguchi University

Awards & Honors

Nakamura Prize
Study Encouragement Prize of Enzyme Application Symposium

Published Papers

Nurcholis M, Nitiyon S, Suprayogi, Rodrussamee N, Lertwattanasakul N, Limtong S, Kosaka T, Yamada M
Applied microbiology and biotechnology      Nov 2018   [Refereed]
Rodrussamee N, Sattayawat P, Yamada M
BMC microbiology   18(1) 73   Jul 2018   [Refereed]
Murata M, Ishii A, Fujimoto H, Nishimura K, Kosaka T, Mori H, Yamada M
PloS one   13(2) e0189487   2018   [Refereed]
Charoensuk K, Sakurada T, Tokiyama A, Murata M, Kosaka T, Thanonkeo P, Yamada M
Biotechnology for biofuels   10 204   2017   [Refereed]
Matsushita K, Azuma Y, Kosaka T, Yakushi T, Hoshida H, Akada R, Yamada M
Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry   80(4) 655-668   2016   [Refereed]


New energy-efficient ethanol fermentation technology and basic technology for cellulosic biomass conversion
Masayuki Murata, Tomoyuki Kosaka, Savitree Limtong and Mamoru Yamada
Chemical Industry   66 1-5   2015

Books etc

Characterization of Na+/glucose cotransporter(SGLT1)from rat jejunum ; In : Control and Diseases of sodium Dependent Transport Proteins and lon Channels.
Elsevier Science   
The bacterial phosphotransferase system : comparison of the hexitol-specific proteins. In : Current Communications in Molecular Biology. Microbial Energy Transduction, Genetics, Structure and function of Membrane Proteins.
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Evolutionary considerations concerning the bacterial phosphoenolpyruvate : sugar phosphotransferase system. In : Sugar Transport and Metabolism in Gram-positive Bacteria.
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American Society for Microbiology   1987   
Gene structures of three vertebrate adenylate kinase isozymes. In : Isozymes : Structure, Function, and Use in Biology and Medicine.
Wiley-Liss, Inc   1990   

Teaching Experience



Development of stable superoxide dismutase by protein engineering
The Others   
Structural basis and molecular mechanism of oxidoreduction reaction of ubiquinone in bacterial respiratory chain
The Others   
Basic research on treatment of wasted-water and recycling of resources by using biotechnology with recombinant technology
The Others   
DNA polymorphism around AK1 gene in human chromosome 9
The Others   
Structure and function of quinoprotein-dependent periplasmic oxidation system
The Others