IWAO Yasuhiro

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IWAO Yasuhiro
Yamaguchi University
Graduate School of Medicine Applied Molecular Bioscience(Science) Graduate School of Medicine(Science) YAMAGUCHI UNIVERSITY
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(BLANK)(Hokkaido University)
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Yamaguchi University
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Feb 2010
May 2010
Graduate School of Medicine(Science), YAMAGUCHI UNIVERSITY
May 2010
Apr 2016
Professor, Graduate School of Medicine(Science), YAMAGUCHI UNIVERSITY


Mar 1978
Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University
Mar 1980
Graduate School, Division of Natural Science, Hokkaido University

Published Papers

M. Watabe, K. Izaki, S. Fujino, M. Maruyama, C. Kojima, A. Hiraiwa, S. Ueno, Y. Iwao
Molecular Reproduction and Development   2019 1-17   Jan 2019   [Refereed]
Molecular Reproduction & Development   53 341-349   1999   [Refereed]
Developmental Biology   209 308-320   1999   [Refereed]
Activation of Xenopus eggs by Cynops sperm extract is dependent upon extracellular and intracellular Ca activities.
12(5) 573-581   1995   [Refereed]
36(5) 469-479   1994   [Refereed]

Books etc

Reproductive and Developmental Strategies. Diversity and Commonality in Animals
Jun 2018   
Developmental Biology of Amphibians (jointly worked)
C. Katagiri (Part:Joint Work)
1998   ISBN:4832997211
Spermatology New Edition
H. Mohri (Part:Joint Work)
2006   ISBN:4130601865

Conference Activities & Talks

The mechanism of the formation of the zygote nucleus in the fertilized amphibian eggs
Chihiro Kimoto, Takehiro Ohgami, Yuki Hara, Yasuhiro Iwao
17 Nov 2016   
The comparison of voltage-dependent fertilization in the frogs of Xenopus laevis and Xenopus tropicalis
Yasuhiro Iwao, Chiho Kojima, Mei Maruyama
17 Nov 2016   
Mechanisms of Egg Activation and Polyspermy Block in the Fertilization of Amphibians: Model Animals for Vertebrate Fertilization [Invited]
IWAO Yasuhiro
International Meeting on Aquatic Model Organisms for Human Disease and Toxicology Research   19 Mar 2016   
IWAO Yasuhiro
11 Sep 2014   

Teaching Experience



Universality and Diversity of a Fast, Electrical Block to Polyspermy During Fertilization in Animals.
IWAO Yasuhiro and Kenta Izaki   Architectural Works   2018