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University of Miyazaki
Center for Animal Disease Control Division of Research & Inspection for Infectious Diseases
Job title
PhD (Veterinary Science)(The University of Tokyo)
Other affiliation
University of Miyazaki
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Research Interests


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2012
Professor, Faculty of Agriculture Department of Veterinary Science Veterinarian public health study course, University of Miyazaki
Apr 2012
Professor, Center for Animal Disease Control Division of Research & Inspection for Infectious Diseases, University of Miyazaki
Oct 2015
Sep 2018
Center for Animal Disease Control, University of Miyazaki
Apr 2013
Sep 2018
Center for Animal Disease Control, University of Miyazaki
Jun 2009
Mar 2012
Professor, Faculty of Agriculture Department of Veterinary Science Veterinarian public health study course, University of Miyazaki


Mar 1981
Department of Veterinary Science, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Miyazaki

Awards & Honors

Oct 2007
Best Poster prize in 11th International Conference on Human and Animal Interaction
Winner: Beedama Volunteer Club, University of Miyazaki
Sep 2003
Young Investigator Award
Winner: Enokimoto, Maiko

Published Papers

Gotoh, Y., Taniguchi, T., Yoshimura D., Katsura K., Saeki Y., Hirabara Y., Fukuda M., Takajo, I., Tomida, J., Kawamura Y., Ogura, Y., Itoh, T., Misawa, N., Okayama, A., Hayashi, T.
Microbial Genomics   4(12)    Dec 2018   [Refereed]
Recycling of domestic foodwaste: Does foodwaste composting carry risk from total antimicrobial resistance (AMR)?
Furukawa M., Misawa N., Moore, J. E.
Bri. Food J.   120(11) 2710-2715   Nov 2018   [Refereed]
Public health bacteriology of commercially composted domestic food and garden waste by the 11 councils in Northern Ireland - Persistence Of Clostridium perfringens and implications for local food safety.
Furukawa M., McCaughan J., Stirling J., Murphy A., Millar B. C., Misawa N., Moore J. E.
Ulster. Med. J.   87(3) 173-176   Oct 2018   [Refereed]
Combination effect of allyl isothiocyanate and hoof trimming on bovine digital dermatitis
Yamamoto, T., Manabe, H., Misawa, N., Yamazaki, W., Takahashi, M., Okada, K.
J. Vet. Med. Sci.   80(7) 1080-1085   Jul 2018   [Refereed]
Antimycobacterial activity of veterinary antibiotics (Apramycin and Framycetin) against Mycobacterium abscessus: Implication for patients with cystic fibrosis.
Moore, J. E., Koulianos, G., Hardy, M., Misawa, N., Millar, B. C.
Int. J. Mycobacteriol.   7(3) 265-267   Jul 2018   [Refereed]


Battle against Campylobacter Infection - Can We Prevent Campylobacter with a Variety of Survival Strategies? -
campylobacter infection in humans caused by ingestion of fresh raw meat
Naoaki Misawa
Japan Journal of Food Microbiology   30(2) 108-111   May 2013
Pathogenesis of campylibacters in humans
44(2) 59-66   Jul 2008
The increasing incidence of human campylobacteriosis
Misawa, N.
Food Sanitation Research   56(8) 9-16   Aug 2006
Deoxyribonucleic acid base composition and DNA-DNA homology of the three biovars of Fusobacterium necrophorum
Shinjo, T., Hiraiwa, K., Misawa, N.
宮崎大学農学部研究報告   36(1) 107-109   Dec 1989

Books etc

Infectious Diseases of Animals 3rd edition
May 2011   ISBN:978-4-87402-172-9
Infectious Diseases of Animals Second Edition
May 2006   ISBN:4-87402-123-9

Conference Activities & Talks

Microbiology of causative bacteria of Bovine Digital Dermatitis [Invited]
Misawa, N.
20th International Symposium and12th International Conference on Lameness in Ruminants   11 Mar 2019   
The Effect of Consumption of Raw Chicken Meat on Humoral Immunity against Campylobacter jejuni in veterinarians and workers in a chicken processing plant
Elisabet Tangkonda, Satoshi Sekiguchi, Meiko Kubo, Satomi Sasaki, Takako Taniguchi, Naoaki Misawa
The 20th FAVA Congress   2 Nov 2018   
A one-year investigation of the dynamics and antimicrobial susceptibility of bacteria isolated from cows with mastitis on a large-scale dairy farm in Japan
Savek Kiatsomphob, Takako Taniguchi, Khin Maung Latt, Elpita Tarigan, Fusae Yano, Tomoya Minamino, Naoaki Misawa
30th World Buiatrics Congress   28 Aug 2018   世界牛病学会
Bile in gallbladder as an important contamination source of Campylobacter species in slaughter cattle.
Naoaki Misawa, Takako Taniguchi
The 30th World Buiatrics Congress   28 Aug 2018   The 30th World Buiatrics Congress
Evaluation the clinical and bacteriological efficacies of allyl isothiocyanate in daily cattle with bovine digital dermatitis
Takako Taniguchi, Yasuhiro Gotoh, Wataru Yamazaki, Kanako Chiba, Keiji Okada, Tetsuya Hayashi, Naoaki Misawa
The 30th World Buiatrics Congress   28 Aug 2018   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on the prevention of campylobacteriosis in humans
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: Apr 2009 - Today
Enhancement of the livestock productivity and reinforcement of countermeasure f
Project Year: Apr 2017 - Mar 2020