MOGI Kazuji

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MOGI Kazuji
Gunma University
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Academic & Professional Experience

professor, Gunma University 


Graduate School, Division of Art and Technology, Kyushu Institute of Design
Graduate School, Division of Art, University of Tsukuba
School of Arts and Design, University of Tsukuba


MOGI Kazuji
群馬大学教育実践研究   (35) 71-78   Jan 2018
MOGI Kazuji
群馬大学教育実践研究   (34) 53-61   Mar 2017
SUNOHARA Fumihiro, MOGI Kazuji, TETSUKA Chihiro, KIMURA Yuko, ODA Kumiko, MIYAKAWA Saori, MOGI Katsuhiro, TAKAGI Fukiko
群馬大学教育実践研究   (34) 63-76   Mar 2017
Mogi Kazuji
群馬大学教育実践研究   (33) 35-44   Mar 2016

Books etc

"International Dialogues about Visual Culture, Education and Art" (Edited by Terasa Eca and Rachel Mason) 'Implication of Media Technology-based Workshops for Art Education'
intellect   2008   ISBN:1841501670

Conference Activities & Talks

A Practical Study on a Workshop Using a Picture Scroll (Emaki) - Narikiri Emaki Project
InSEA 2007 Germany ? Art Education Research and Development Congress   2007   
Intercultural Art Education: towards understandhing local and global cultural differences
The 32nd InSEA World Congress 2008 in Osaka, Japan   2008   
Design of a Learning Place for Collaborative Creation by the Mode of Byo-bu (Japanese Holding Screen)
ACM Creativity & Cognition 2009   2009   
Designing Socially Meaningful Creativity Enhanced by New Technologies
ACM Creativity & Cognition 2009   2009   
Beyond Programming: A Collaborative Learning Environment Powered by Scratch, PicoBoard, and Traditional Media
Scratch@MIT   2010   
Creation Through the Expansion of Words and Images, The KARUTA workshop
InSEA European congress 2010   2010   
Collaborative learning for creativity: a case study of the KARUTA workshop
Passing on the Happy words KARUTA workshop: the new photogram, a tribute to Moholy-Nagy Laszlo's photogram
InSEA World Congress,Budapest 2011   2011   
The MITATE workshop, again 2014
34th World Congress of the International Society for Education through Art (InSEA )   2014   
Extending Art Education: From Multi-cultural Art Education to Inclusive Art Education
2016 SAEK(Society for Art Education of Korea) International Conference   2016   
Art as the Basis for Education : from collaborative to inclusive art education
International InSEA Congress   2017   
Workshop:Drawing on Diversity: How socially engaged art education promotes cultural diversity and strengthens community
International InSEA Congress   2017