SATOH Yohichi

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SATOH Yohichi
Iwate Medical University
School of Medicine, Department of Anatomy2
Job title
Doctor of Medicine(Asahikawa Medical College)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Iwate Medical University, Research Assistant
Asahikawa Medical College, Research Assistant
Asahikawa Medical College, Associate Professor
- Iwate Medical University, Professor


Faculty of Medicine, Iwate Medical University

Published Papers

Cell Tissue Research   285 501-507   1996   [Refereed]


Atropine inhibits the degranulation of Paneth cells in ex-germ-free mice
Cell Tissne Res.   253,397-402    1988
Effect of live and heat-killed bacteria on the secretory activity of Paneth cells in germ-free mice
Cell Tissue Res.   251,87-93    1988
Qnantitative electron microscopic observation on Paneth cells of germfree and ex-germfree Wistar rats
Anat. Embryol.   173,317-322    1986
Bethanechol and a G-protein activator, NaF/AlCl3, induce secretory response in Paneth cells of mouse intestine(jointly worked)
Cell Tissue Res.   269,213-220    1992
J. Electron Microsc. Tech.   16,69-80    1990
Effects of cholecystokinin and carbamylcholine on Paneth cell secretion in mice : A comparison with Pancreatic acinar cells(jointly worked)
Anat. Rec.   225,124-132    1989
Effect of carbamylcholine on Harderian gland morphology in rats.(jointly worked)
Cell Tissue Res.   261,451-459    1990
Secretion mode of the Harderian gland of rats after stimulaiton by cholinergic secretagogues
Acta Anat.   143,7-13    1992
Carbamylcholine-induced morphological changes and spatial dynamics of 〔Ca2+〕c in Harderian glands of guinea pigs : Calcium-dependent lipid secretion an contraction of myoepithelial cells(jointly worked)
Cell Tissue Res.   274,1-14    1993
Configuration of myoepithelial cells in various exocrine glands of guinea pigs(jointly worked)
Anat Embryol   189,227-236    1994
Paneth cells of african giant rats (cncetomys gambianus)(jointly worked)
Acta Anat   151,49-53    1994
Carbamylcholine and catecholamine - induced intracellular calcium dynamics of epithelial cells in mouse ileal crypts(jointly worked)
Gastroenterology   108 1345-1356   1995
Microscopy research and technique   34(2) 104-110   1996
Ligand-independent activation of the glucocorticoid receptor by ursodeoxycholic acid(jointly worked)
Journal of Immunology   156(4) 1601-1608   1996
Application of real-time confocal microscopy for observation of living cells in tissue specimens(jointly worked)
Human Cell   11(4) 191-198   1998
Paneth cells : structure and function
50(5) 461-481   1998
Intracellular Calcium ion dynamics of tissue specimens of visual organ
12(1) 29-30   1998
Biochem. Bioph. Res. Co.   277(3) 705-710   2000
Arch Histol Cytol   66: 63-72    2003
Apocrine secretory mechanism: recent findings and unresolved problems.
Histol Histopathol   18: 597-608    2003

Books etc

On the fie structure of lymph hearts in amphibia and reptiles. In "Hearts and Heart-like Organs" Vol. 1(jointly worked)
Academic Press   1980   


[Ca2+] : changes of peripheral nervous system
[Ca2+] : changes of human colon epithelium
Photodynamic action on intra cellular signaling

Research Grants & Projects

Photodynamic action on the cell function
Intracellular Ca2+ dynamics of intestinal epithelium
Secretory mechanism of mast cells
Ca-imaging of neuron and glia
effect of drugs on arterioles ; evaluation by Ca-imaging