TANAKA Tatsuya

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TANAKA Tatsuya
Former Institution / Organization Asahikawa Medical College School of Medicine Medical Course
Medical Doctor of Science(MDSc)(Kyushu University)

Research Areas



Experimental complex partial seizures induced by a microinjection of kainic aced into limbic seizures
Progress in Neurobiology   38    1992
Various hippocampal lesions induced by multi-fractional ibotenic acid injections and amygdal kindling in cats
Brain Research   559    1991
Ibotenic acid-induced nigral lesion and limbic seizure in cats
Brain Research   498    1989
Spontaneous secondarily generalized seizures induced by a single microinjection of kainic acid into unilateral amygdala in cats
Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology   61    1985
Electroclinical features of kainic acid-induced status epilepticus in freely moving cats. Microinjection into the dorsal hippocampus.
Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology   54    1982

Books etc

Surgical Treatment of the Epilipsies. The 2nd Edition. The place of reoperation.
Raven Press, New York   1993   
Basic approaches to the human complex partial seizures : physiology, metabolism and pathology
The hippocampus : Functions and clinical relevance   1996   
The experimental septal seizures and hippocampus
The hippocampus : Functions and clinical relevance   1996   
Benzodiazepine recepter imaging with 125I-iomazenil in Kainic acidinduced limbic seizure
The hippocampus : Functions and clinical relevance   1996   
Histological substrates in Kainic acid induced seizures
The hippocampus : Functions and clinical relevance   1996   


Animal Experiment & Its Contrbution to Understanding Epileptogensis
Generalized Seizure Induced by an Epileptic Focus in Mesencephalic Reticular Formation : Impact to Understand Generilizing Mechanism
Neuroplasticity of the central nervous system -Cerebral lober corticectomy
Effects of temporary clipping in the management of cerebral aneurysm underwild hypothermia -comparison with the result of SEP monitoring
Management of poor grade patients with ruptured aneurysm

Research Grants & Projects

Surgical treatment of the intractable epilepsy.
Basic mechanism of the epileptogenic focus using experimental models of epilepsy.
Brain damages induced by intractable epilepsies.