Fukamizu Akiyoshi

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Fukamizu Akiyoshi
University of Tsukuba
Life Science Center for Survival Dynamics, Tsukuba Advanced Research Alliance (TARA)
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Faculty of Agriculture, University of Tsukuba
Graduate School, Division of Agriculture, University of Tsukuba

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Nov 2013
Nov 2015

Published Papers

Nagano, Katsumasa; Kwon, Chulwon; Ishida, Junji; Hashimoto, Tatsuo; Kim, Jun-Dal; Kishikawa, Nana; Murao, Mei; Kimura, Kenjiro; Kasuya, Yoshitoshi; Kimura, Sadao; Chen, Yi-Ching; Tsuchimochi, Hirotsugu; Shirai, Mikiyasu; Pearson, James T; Fukamizu, Akiyoshi
Journal of biochemistry      Sep 2019   [Refereed]
The apelin receptor (APJ), a receptor for apelin and elabela/apela, induces vasodilation and vasoconstriction in blood vessels. However, the prolonged effects of increased APJ-mediated signaling, involving vasoconstriction, in smooth muscle cells ...
Murata, Kazuya;Lu, Weizhe;Hashimoto, Misuzu;Ono, Natsumi;Muratani, Masafumi;Nishikata, Kana;Kim, Jun-Dal;Ebihara, Shizufumi;Ishida, Junji;Fukamizu, Akiyoshi
iScience   8 200-213   Oct 2018
Protein arginine methyltransferase 1 (PRMT1) catalyzes the asymmetric dimethylation of arginine residues in proteins and methylation of various RNA-binding proteins and is associated with alternative splicing in vitro. Although PRMT1 has essential...
Hashimoto, Tatsuo; Kihara, Minoru; Ishida, Junji; Imai, Nozomi; Yoshida, Shin-ichiro; Toya, Yoshiyuki; Fukamizu, Akiyoshi; Kitamura, Hitoshi; Umemura, Satoshi
Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology   26(6) 1267-1272   Jun 2006
[OBJECTIVE] Physiological roles of apelin and its specific receptor APJ signaling were investigated in vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs). The present study determined whether apelin activates myosin light chain (MLC), a major regulatory event i...
Pathophysiology of placentation abnormalities in pregnancy-induced hypertension
Furuya, Mitsuko; Ishida, Junji; Aoki, Ichiro; Fukamizu, Akiyoshi
Vascular health and risk management   4(6) 1301-1313   Apr 2008
During embryogenesis and development, the fetus obtains oxygen and nutrients from the mother through placental microcirculation. The placenta is a distinctive organ that develops and differentiates per se, and that organizes fetal growth and mater...
Cell type-dependent transactivation or repression of mesoderm-restricted basic helix-loop-helix protein, POD-1/Capsulin
Miyagishi, M;Hatta, M;Ohshima, T;Ishida, Junji;Fujii, R;Nakajima, T;Fukamizu, A
Mol. Cell. Biochem.   205(1-2) 141-147   Jan 2000
A family of basic-helix-loop-helix (bHLH) nuclear factors play important roles in controlling cell growth and differentiation as critical regulatory components in transcription. Here we describe molecular characterization of mesoderm-specific bHLH...
Lu, Weizhe; Kim, Jun-Dal; Tabara, Saori; Kwon, Chulwon; Mizukami, Hayase; Kimura, Keiji; Fukamizu, Akiyoshi
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications   514(4) 1185-1191   May 2019   [Refereed]
Protein arginine methyltransferase PRMT5 synthesizes the symmetric dimethylarginine in nuclear and cytoplasmic proteins such as histone H2A, H4 and several non-histone proteins that are required for a variety of biological processes. Currently, tw...
Freyer, Laina; Hsu, Chih-Wei; Nowotschin, Sonja; Pauli, Andrea; Ishida, Junji; Kuba, Keiji; Fukamizu, Akiyoshi; Schier, Alexander F; Hoodless, Pamela A; Dickinson, Mary E; Hadjantonakis, Anna-Katerina
Cell reports   20(9) 2116-2130   Aug 2017   [Refereed]
Apela (also known as Elabela, Ende, and Toddler) is a small signaling peptide that activates the G-protein-coupled receptor Aplnr to stimulate cell migration during zebrafish gastrulation. Here, using CRISPR/Cas9 to generate a null, reporter-expre...
Tanimoto, Keiji; Matsuzaki, Hitomi; Okamura, Eiichi; Ushiki, Aki; Fukamizu, Akiyoshi; Engel, James Douglas
PLoS ONE   14(2) e0203099   Apr 2019   [Refereed]
Long-range associations between enhancers and their target gene promoters have been shown to play critical roles in executing genome function. Recent variations of chromosome capture technology have revealed a comprehensive view of intra- and inte...
Hada, Kazumasa; Hirota, Keiko; Inanobe, Ai; Kako, Koichiro; Miyata, Mai; Araoi, Sho; Matsumoto, Masaki; Ohta, Reiya; Arisawa, Mitsuhiro; Daitoku, Hiroaki; Hanada, Toshikatsu; Fukamizu, Akiyoshi
The Journal of Biological Chemistry   294(9) 3091-3099   Jan 2019   [Refereed]
The tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle (or citric acid cycle) is responsible for the complete oxidation of acetyl-CoA and formation of intermediates required for ATP production and other anabolic pathways, such as amino acid synthesis. Here, we uncove...
Kako, Koichiro; Kim, Jun-Dal; Fukamizu, Akiyoshi
Journal of Biochemistry   165(1) 9-18   Jan 2019   [Refereed]
The central dogma of molecular biology explains the fundamental flow of genetic information for life. Although genome sequence (DNA) itself is a static chemical signature, it includes multiple layers of information composed of messenger RNA (mRNA)...

Books etc

深水,昭吉 (Part:Contributor, アルギニンメチル化とシグナル伝達)
Jun 2015   
蛋白質 核酸 酵素
深水,昭吉 (Part:Supervisor, 新しいアルギニンメチル化-リン酸化コード)
Jan 2010   
深水,昭吉 (Part:Supervisor, レニン・アンジオテンシン系遺伝子欠損マウス)
Oct 2009   
深水,昭吉 (Part:Supervisor, メチル化アルギニンを介したエピジェネティックな血圧制御)
May 2009   
深水,昭吉 (Part:Supervisor, FOXOファミリーの代謝・寿命調節機構とアルギニンメチル化クロストーク制御)
Apr 2009   

Conference Activities & Talks

Biochemical modification and protein functions linked to mitochondria:lysine acetylation and arginine methylation [Invited]
KSBMB International Conference 2019   2 Jun 2019   
A Protein is Multi-lingual:New Metablic Pathway of Phospholipid in the Brain [Invited]
2019 Gwanak Symposium   31 May 2019   
権哲源;中村夏奈子;田原早央莉;金;石田純治;深水, 昭吉
第40回日本妊娠高血圧学会学術集会   21 Sep 2019   
田原早央莉;金;森遥佳;陸偉哲;深水, 昭吉
第92回日本生化学会大会   19 Sep 2019   
In vivoスクリーニング系による新規ヒスチジンメチル基転移酵素の探索
林岳宏;大徳浩照;中島実咲;田島達也;加香孝一郎;深水, 昭吉
第92回日本生化学会大会   19 Sep 2019   
石田純治;金;霍思全;中島実咲;深水, 昭吉
第92回日本生化学会大会   19 Sep 2019   
福島寛乃;有本光江;加香孝一郎;深水, 昭吉;繁森英幸
日本農芸化学会関東支部2019年度大会   7 Sep 2019   
星川紗更;池本光志;有本光江;加香孝一郎;深水, 昭吉;繁森英幸
日本農芸化学会関東支部2019年度大会   7 Sep 2019   
田原早央莉;金;森遥佳;陸偉哲;深水, 昭吉
2019年度日本化学会関東支部例会   22 Jun 2019   
林岳宏;大徳浩照;中島実咲;加香孝一郎;深水, 昭吉
2019年度日本生化学会関東支部例会   22 Sep 2019   

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Research Grants & Projects

Molecular Biology of Signal-development Co-activator CBP
Molecular Characterization of Transcription Factors on Blood Pressure
Molecular Characterization of Cellular Injury of Hypertensive Mice


特許第6399874号 : 化合物の抗炎症効果または免疫抑制効果を予測する方法
2015-12851 : 活性化白血球の除去方法
015-12850 : 細胞を分離・解析する方法
2014-190001   : 化合物の抗炎症効果または免疫抑制効果を予測する方法
深水昭吉;金俊達;大黒, 理勝