Matsumoto Hiroshi

Matsumoto Hiroshi

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Matsumoto Hiroshi
University of Tsukuba
Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences
Job title
Doctor in Agriculture(University of Tsukuba)
Research funding number

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Oct 1982
Mar 1987
Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Tsukuba
Apr 1987
Sep 1993
Assistant Professor, University of Tsukuba
Oct 1993
Mar 2000
Associate Professor, University of Tsukuba
Apr 2000
Mar 2004
Professor, University of Tsukuba
Apr 2004
Sep 2011
Professor, Graduate School in Life and Environmetal Sciences, University of Tsukuba


Graduate School, Division of Agriculture, University of Tsukuba

Committee Memberships

Oct 2015
Sep 2017
Asian-Pacific Weed Science Society  President
Pesticide Science Society of Japan  President
Weed Science Society of America  Honorary member

Awards & Honors

Sep 2019
アジア太平洋雑草科学会Lifetime Achievement Award, Asian-Pacific Weed Science Society
Feb 2009
Honorary member Award, Weed Science Society of America, Weed Science Society of America
For meritorious service to the field of Weed Science

Published Papers

Chayapakdee, Pattarasuda; Sunohara, Yukari; Endo, Masaki; Yamaguchi, Takuya; Fan, Longjiang; Uchino, Akira; Matsumoto, Hiroshi; Iwakami, Satoshi
Pest management science      Oct 2019
[BACKGROUND] Multiple herbicide resistant Echinochloa phyllopogon exhibits resistance to the auxin herbicide quinclorac. Previous research observed enhanced activity of the cyanide-detoxifying enzyme β-cyanoalanine synthase (β-CAS) and reduced eth...
Guo, Feng; Iwakami, Satoshi; Yamaguchi, Takuya; Uchino, Akira; Sunohara, Yukari; Matsumoto, Hiroshi
Plant Science   283 321-328   Jun 2019
Clomazone is a herbicide used in the cultivation of numerous crops due to its unique site of action and effectiveness on weeds. The differences in clomazone susceptibility among plants have been attributed to the differences in their complex cloma...
Aslam, Muhammad Mudasar; Rehman, Shafiq; Khatoon, Amana; Jamil, Muhammad; Yamaguchi, Hisateru; Hitachi, Keisuke; Tsuchida, Kunihiro; Li, Xinyue; Sunohara, Yukari; Matsumoto, Hiroshi; Komatsu, Setsuko
International journal of molecular sciences   20(6)    Mar 2019   [Refereed]
Plant-derived smoke has effects on plant growth. To find the molecular mechanism of plant-derived smoke on maize, a gel-free/label-free proteomic technique was used. The length of root and shoot were increased in maize by plant-derived smoke. Prot...
Kasahara, Tatsuya; Matsumoto, Hiroshi; Hasegawa, Hisakazu; Koyama, Kohei; Takeuchi, Takashi
Journal of Pesticide Science   44(1) 20-24   Feb 2019   [Refereed]
Ipfencarbazone exhibits excellent herbicidal activity against Echinochloa spp. and is safe for rice. The effects of ipfencarbazone on very long chain fatty acid (VLCFA) elongation in rice and late watergrass and its inhibitory mechanism wer...
Abstracts for Annual Meeting of Japanese Proteomics Society   2017(0) 159-159   2017

Books etc

Weed Management in Rice in the Asian-Pacific Region
Matsumoto, Hiroshi;Rao, A. N.;Chandrasena, N. (Part:Contributor, Weed Management in Rice in the Asian-Pacific Region: An Overview)
Asian-Pacific Weed Science Society   Sep 2017   ISBN:9788193197844
日本雑草学会創立50周年記念シンポジウム講演要旨   Sep 2011   
松本, 宏 (Part:Supervisor)
日本雑草学会50年のあゆみ 日本雑草学会編   Mar 2011   
松本, 宏(一部の執筆を担当)
日本雑草学会   Mar 2011   
The mechanism of phytotoxic action and selectivity of non-protein amino acids L-DOPA and m-tyrosine.
Matsumoto, H. (Part:Supervisor)
J. Pestic. Sci. 36   Feb 2011   

Conference Activities & Talks

山口, 拓也;松井, 祐美;桑原, 保正;浅野, 泰久;春原, 由香里;松本, 宏
日本農芸化学会関東支部2019年度大会   9 Sep 2019   
γ- テルピネン処理によりレタス根部で変動するタンパク質の解析
蝦名, 渉平;春原, 由香里;小松, 節子;山口, 央輝;常陸, 圭介;山口, 拓也;土田, 邦博;松本, 宏
日本雑草学会第58回大会   19 Apr 2019   
ピコリネート系オーキシン型除草剤の根部生育抑制作用に関 与する受容体とエチレン生成や活性酸素産生の特徴
駒井, 寿輝;春原, 由香里;山口, 拓也;林, 謙一郎;松本, 宏
日本雑草学会第58回大会   19 Apr 2019   
(S)-(+)- カルボンによるシロイヌナズナ幼植物体での活性酸 素の過剰生成と光の関与
斎藤, 龍平;春原, 由香里;山口, 拓也;松本, 宏
日本雑草学会第58回大会   19 Apr 2019   
山口, 拓也;岩上, 哲史;春原, 由香里;松本, 宏
日本雑草学会第58回大会   19 Apr 2019   

Research Grants & Projects

Development of New Weed Control Technologies Using Metabolic System Genes of Plants
Project Year: 1998   
Research on Modes of Action of Herbicides
Project Year: 1993   
Plant Responses to Photo-Oxdative Stresses
Study on Pigment Biosynthesis in Plants and its Inhibitors
Study on Mechanism of Action of Herbicides and Natural Products