IWASE Nobutada

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IWASE Nobutada
Former Institution / Organization University of Tsukuba Institute of Social Sciences
Job title
M.A.(The University of Tokyo), M. A. (sociology)(Univ. of Pittsburgh, U.S.A.)

Research Areas



Social Participation of Japanese Canadians
Tsukube Journal of Socialogy   14    1989
Impact of the 1970 Legal ABC 0.05%mg Limit Registration on Dron E-Driver-Involved Traffic Fatalities in Japan
Substance Use and Misuse   33(14) 2759-2790   1998
Is TFLB method applicable to Japanese drin Ring population?
Japanese Journal of Alcohal Studies and Drug Dependence   32(3) 163-181   1997
Impact of the 1970 Legal ABC 0.05mg% Limit Logislation on Drunk-Driver Involved Traffic Fatalities, Accidents, and DWI in Japan
Substance Use & Misuse   33(14) 2757-2788   1998

Books etc

Political Participction in an Aging Society
Aging Society, ed.K.Takenaka,Univl. of Tsukuba   1989   
Party Identification in an Aging Society
Problems of Senior Citizens in Post-Industrial Societies, ed. K.Takenaka, University of Tsukuba   1988   

Research Grants & Projects

Political socialization and voting behavior
Social Problems and deviant behavior
Project Year: 1999   
Social Development and Social Capital
Project Year: 1999