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Yokohama National University
Graduate School of International Social Sciences International Social Sciences Section
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Ph.D(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
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Mar 1985
Graduate School, Division of Integrated Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Mar 1980
Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Published Papers

Doing Research on Strategy Theory with YBG
Studies in simulation and gaming   27(1) 27-30   Mar 2018
On Significance of Case Studies in Scientific Theories of Dynamic Strategy
Ryo Sato
Yokohama business review   37(1) 195-210   Jun 2016
Ryo Sato, Ayako Kawai, Yasuto Fukunaga
Innovation and Supply Chain Management   7(4) 125-136   Dec 2013   [Refereed]
E-marketplaces had brought innovative impact in supply chain in industries. This paper focused on two successful business-to-business (B2B) e-marketplaces in Japan, and has analyzed and characterized to show their respective key enablers. We have ...
Ryo Sato; Yaghoub Khojasteh-Ghamari
Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing   23(3) 717-731   Jun 2012   [Refereed]


Evaluation of the Business Strategy Design Method Using a Combination of Gaming and Computer Simulation
Sunaguchi Hirotaka, Shirai Hiroaki, Sato Ryo
Studies in Simulation and Gaming   26(1) 1-8   Nov 2017   [Refereed]
Akimasa Tanaka, Ryo Sato
The Journal of Japanese Operations Management and Strategy   6(1) 55-69   Mar 2016   [Refereed]
Supply chain of business services in an organization works vertically: its strategic meaning and implication for platform strategy
   Jun 2015   [Invited]
Yaghoub Khojasteh, Ryo Sato
International Journal of Production Research   53(14) 4363-4379   2015
Linguistic qualitative business game and its development for the theory of dynamic capabilities
TANABU Motonari,SATO Ryo,SHIRAI Hiroaki
Yokohama business review   35(2) 25-44   2014

Conference Activities & Talks

A Study On Linguistic and Qualitative Games in Formulation of Corporate Strategy
28 Nov 2015   Japan Society for Management Information
of corporate direction. In this presentation, we propose linguistic and qualitative games to show explicitly meaningful decisions and resultant intended business scenarios that are based on the concept of platform business and the dynamic capabili...
Software platform strategy with deep integration of complementary technologies - A case of enterprise integration system
Akimasa Tanaka, Ryo Sato
International Symposium on Operations Management and Strategy 2015   12 Jun 2015   apanese Operations Management and Strategy Association
Business models on a platform have gained importance in business practices and research fields. Theories of the multisided model on a platform suggest that one of crucial factors is indirect networks occurred between several users' groups. However...
How do you evaluate corporate strategy through gamification?
Ryo Sato
7 Jul 2014   International Simulation and Gaming Association
The financial result of a business is produced by its operation and environment. Since a corporate strategy decides the direction of a business and concerns middle and long range planning, the strategy does not restrict the realization of business...
Designing and evaluating resilient business systems through risk management simulation games
Tanabu, Motonari; Sato, Ryo; Narushima, Yasushi; Matsui, Yoshiki; Shirai, Hiroaki
Workshop in the 45th International Simulation and Gaming Association Conference (ISAGA 2014)   7 Jul 2014   International Simulation and Gaming Association
Fostering IT Project Manager Game
In-gaming questionnaire

1. Risk in Conceptual Analysis
How would you evaluate effect of the following risk in conceptual analysis of information system? Please select out one from 1 through 5. (1 for "almost n...
On a Methodology for Service Innovation Strategy and its Gamification
Ryo Sato
19 Mar 2014   Association for Business Simulation and Experiential Learning
Service innovation is becoming more important issue in recent economies. We developed a methodology for service innovation strategy formulation and used it for more than five years. The methodology is called soft innovation architecture (soft IA, ...