ARAI Kunijiro

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ARAI Kunijiro
Former Institution / Organization University of Tsukuba Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences
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Research Areas



Is participation in an English language immersion program detrimental to a students knowledge of Japanese vocabulary? (共著)
Tsukuba Psychology Research      2002
The process of help for mother of a child who complains of anxiety to vomit
Tsububa developmental and clinical psychology   11 21-26   2000
A study of the relationship between regulation of emotional expression (REE),interpersonal orientation, and shyness
Tsukuba Psychological Research   (22) 161-166   2000
Constructing a self-determination awareness scale for children
Tsububa Psychological Research   (22) 151-160   2000
The effects of learners' perceptions of benefits and costs, and learning strategy preferences on the use of learning strategies during the study of Kanji
Tsukuba Psychological Research   (21) 115-125   1999

Books etc

Fathers in Unisexual Age
Fukumura Shuppan   1997   
Handbook of Clinical Dvelopment Psychology with Cases
Fukumura Shuppan   1994   

Research Grants & Projects

Development and education of self-determination of Child
Development and education of motivation of Child
Development of traffic behaviors and its education in child