SAITOU Takehiko

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SAITOU Takehiko

Research Interests


Research Areas



C- and L-type horizontal cells in the turtle retina
Vision Res.   14 119-123   1974
Effects of left and right vagal stimulation of excitation and conduction of the carp heart (Cyprinus carpio)
J. Comp. Physiol   42    1978
Electrophysiological studies on the mechanisms of electrically induced sustained rhythmic activity in the rabbit right atrium
Circ. Res.   42 199-206   1978
Ionic Mechanisms of two types of on-center bipolar cells in the carp retina
J. Gen. Physiol.   73 73-90   1979
Ionic mechanisms of two types of on-center bipolar cells in the carp retina : II. The responses to annular illumination
J. Gen. Physiol.   78 569-589   1981

Books etc

Retinal regeneration of adult newt : Transdifferentiation of pigment epithelial cells into neurons In : Retinal degeneration and regeneration
Kugler Publications, Amsterdam/New York   1996   
Development and regeneration of the retina. In the retinal basis of vision.
The Retinal Basis of Vision   1999   
Responses of second-order neurons to photic and electric stimulation of the retina
Academic Press   1977   

Research Grants & Projects

Regeneration of retinal neuro-circuitry in vertebrate
Visual information processing in Vertebrate retina