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The University of Tokyo
Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology
D.Sc.(University of Tsukuba), (BLANK)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Dep. of Neurosci, The University of Arizona
Distinguished Visiting Professor(併任), Insect Science Center, The University of Arizona
Jan 1987
Nov 1990
Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Arizona


Graduate School, Division of Bioresearch, University of Tsukuba
Faculty of Science, University of Tsukuba

Awards & Honors

Nov 2011
Distinguished Visiting Professor, Distinguished Visiting Professor, University of Arizona, Insect Science Center
Jul 2008
Society Award, The Japanese Scciety for Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry
Nov 2011
Arbas Memorial Lecture, University of Arizona
Nov 1994
Nakanishi Award
Nov 1993
Zoological Science Award
Oct 1987
Zoological Science Award

Published Papers

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Shiota Y, Sakurai T, Daimon T, Mitsuno H, Fujii T, Matsuyama S, Sezutsu H, Ishikawa Y, Kanzaki R
Scientific reports   8(1) 13529   Sep 2018   [Refereed]
Namiki S, Kanzaki R
Cell and tissue research      Aug 2018   [Refereed]
Namiki S, Wada S, Kanzaki R
Scientific reports   8(1) 9663   Jun 2018   [Refereed]
Terutsuki D, Mitsuno H, Sakurai T, Okamoto Y, Tixier-Mita A, Toshiyoshi H, Mita Y, Kanzaki R
Royal Society open science   5(3) 172366   Mar 2018   [Refereed]


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Investigation into environmental information processing and the mechanisms of intelligent behavior releases by micro-brain systems.
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Investigative study of stimulaus-response functions of organisms and their application to micromachines.
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Books etc

Olfaction in Manduca sexta : Cellular mechanisms of responses to sex pheromone.
NEUROTOX '91 Molecular Basic of Drug & Pesticide Action   1991   
Pheromone processng in the lateral accessory lobes of the moth brain : flipflopping signals related to zigzagging upwind walking
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Protocerebral olfactory processing.
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Conference Activities & Talks

Future Technology: Learning from Biological Systems.
Supersensing Forum Design and Technology Mdeled on Biological Systems Organized by Nikkei BP Technology Online & Sensingnet Inc.   16 Feb 2017   
Brain-Machine Integrated System.
International Symposium on Advanced Manufacturing Science for Future Systems “Biomimetics”   5 Dec 2016   
Current Topics of RCAST Education and Research for Convergence Technologies in RCAST / Super-Sensing and Processing for adaptability (intelligence) New Science and Technology Innovated by Insect Sciences. 2016
2016 International Symposium on Convergence Technologies “Education and Cooperation for Convergence   25 Nov 2016   
Neural Basis of Odor-Source Localization in the Silkmoth: from genes, neural networks, and behavior to robots.
Annual Talks 2015 - Biology Across Scales   5 Jan 2015   
Analysis and synthesis of odor-source localization in insects: From genes, neural networks, and behavior to robots
2014 ICN / JSCPB 11th International Congress of Neuroethology / 36th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry   28 Jul 2014   
Insect-Machine Hybrid System - New Directions in Bionic Engineering.
The 4th International Conference on Bionic Engineering (ICBE 2013)   13 Aug 2013   
Analysis and synthesis of adaptive behavior in insects: from genes, neural networks, and behavior to robots.
The 6th Asia-Pacific Conference on Chemical Ecology   11 Oct 2011   
Insect-robot hybrid system for understanding the neural basis of odor-source localization.
International Society for Chemical Ecology (ISCE) Conference   24 Jul 2011   
Brain mechanisms for the generation of adaptive behavior.
The Neuroinformatics 2010 Congress   30 Aug 2010   
Insect-Machine Hybrid System.
Workshop on Robot-Animal Sensor Networks in Ecosystems, Organization : National Institute for Mathematical Sciences (NIMS)   3 Dec 2009   
Insect-Machine Hybrid System.
The 2009 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS2009)   11 Oct 2009   
Insect-Machine Hybrid System for Understanding an Adaptive Behavior.
The 10th International Conference on the SIMULATION OF ADAPTIVE BEHAVIOR (SAB'08)   7 Jul 2008   
Insect-Machine Hybrid System for Understanding an Adaptive Control in Biological Systems.
AMAM2008   1 Jun 2008   
Insect-Machine Hybrid System for Evaluating and Understanding an Adaptive Behavior.
IEEE International Conference Robotics and Biomimetics (ROBIO 2007)   15 Dec 2007   

Research Grants & Projects

Releasing and control mechanism of the insect instinctive behavior by central nervous system
Studies on bio-micromachine based on neuro- and behavioral mechanisms in insects
International Research Program on Moth Olfaction