Handa Takashi

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Handa Takashi
Meiji University
School of Agriculture
Job title
Master of Agriculture(University of Tsukuba)

Published Papers

Journal of Japanese Soc. Horticultural Sci.   (54) 145-154   1985
Japan Journal of Genetics   62 501-505   1987
Organ-specific mRNA in transgenic tobacco plants possessing T-DNA of Ri plasmids
Plant Science   (56) 213-218   1988
Efficient production of wheat-barley hybrids and preferential elimination of barley chromosomes
Theoretical Applied Genetics   (81) 285-292   1991


Production of wheat x barley hybrids and preferential elimination of barley chromosome
Wheat Information Service   69 40-42   1989
Establishment of hairy root lines by inoculation with Agrobacterium rhizogenes
Bull. RIAR, Ishikawa Agr. College   (2) 13-18   1991
Plant Biotechnology and its applications in Agriculture and Forestry.
Bull. Agr. and For. Res. Center, Univ. of Tsucuba   (5) 117-132   1993
Selection of Sensory Evaluation Terms for Flower Smell.
3(2) 13-22   1995

Books etc

Cell-specific expression of the roic gene of Ri plasmid in transgenic tobacco plants no.
Plant Cell Physiology Plant Cell PhysiologyPlant Cell Physiology   1989   
Transgenic plants no.
Journal of Biotechnology Journal of BiotechnologyJournal of Biotechnology   1989   
In vitro Culture of Higer plants. no.
Environ Control in Biol. Environ Control in Biol.Environ Control in Biol.   1992   
Genetic transformation of Antirrhinum majus L.(Snapdragon).in Biotechnology in agriculture and forestry. no.
Springer-Verlag,Berlin. Springer-Verlag,Berlin.Springer-Verlag,Berlin.   1994   
DNA uncovers paraphyly of Dendrobium (Orchidaceae) no.
Taxonomy of Cultivated Plants Taxonomy of Cultivated Plants Royal Botanic Gardens, KewTaxonomy of Cultivated Plants   1999   

Conference Activities & Talks

Molecular phylogenetics of Dendrobium section Formosa (Orchidaceae) based on nuclear and plastid DNA sequences
Sathapattayanon, A.,T. Yukawa, P. Wongsawad,T. Seelanaum
5th International symposium on diversity and conservation of Asian orchids Abstracts   1 Nov 2009   
Molecular phylogeny of Dendrobium Callista-Dendrobium complex using ITS region and matK gene
Wongsawad, P.,T. Yukawa
5th International symposium on diversity and conservation of Asian orchids Abstracts   1 Nov 2009   
Development of microsatellite markers in Iris ensata (Iridaceae)
Mori, T., C.Lian, R. Osawa, T. Tabuchi
28th IHC abstracts   1 Sep 2010   

Research Grants & Projects

Evaluation and application of floral fragrance
Project Year: 2005   
Molecular genetics and breeding of ornamental plants
Project Year: 2001