ENDO Shunro

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ENDO Shunro
University of Toyama
Faculty of Medicine, School of Medicine

Research Interests


Research Areas



Etiological evaluation of dural arteriovemous malformation of the lateral ang siguoid sinuses based on histopathological examination
J. Neurosurgery   76    1992
Charges in lipid metabolites and eugymes in rat brain due to ischenia and recirculation
Molecular and Chemical Neuropathology   14    1991
Differences in critical blood flow with age in swine
J. Neurosurgery   75    1991
Activities of Eugyne metabioliging phospholipids in rat cerelial ischemia
Molecular and chemical Neuropathology   10    1989
Experimental model of symptonatic vasospasm in rabbits
Stroke   19(11)    1988

Books etc

An experciantal model of symptomatie vasospasm in rabbit : analysis of regional cerchial blood flow and histological findings
Cerelcual Vasospase   1990   
Carotid endarterectoary without internal shunt in 83 cases.
Advances in sargery for Stroke   1988   
Geriatric Neurosurgery Vol5(編集)
Preoperative simulation and intraoperative navigation with three-dimensional functioual images
Surgical technology interuatioual VI(Uuiversal medical press)   1997   


Survey of frontal encephalocele in Thailand

Research Grants & Projects

Pathophysiology and treatment of the occlusine lesions of cervical carotid ortery
Clinicopathological study of intracranial dissecting aneurysm
Angioplasty for the occlusive vascular losions
Guideline for treatment of the carotid artery stenosis.