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Professor, Shimane University Collaboration Center
- Shimane University, Associate Professor
Shimane Medical University, Research
- Shimane Medical University, Associate Professor

Published Papers

Nakamura M, Watanabe N
Journal of biochemical and molecular toxicology   33(4) e22276   Dec 2018   [Refereed]
Nakamura M, Notsu K, Nakagawa M
Molecular and cellular biochemistry      Feb 2019   [Refereed]
Notsu K, Nakagawa M, Nakamura M
Molecular and cellular biochemistry   421(1-2) 149-156   Oct 2017   [Refereed]
Evaluation of the Effect of Aromatherapy Using Rose Fragrance for the Patients in Palliative Care Unit
Imaoka E, Nakamtani T, Hashimoto T, Sudo I, Shizunamia H, Ito Y, Nakamura M
Shimane Medical Journal   38 29-34   Mar 2016   [Refereed]
Nakamura M, Watanabe N, Notsu K
Biochemical and biophysical research communications   464(4) 1096-1100   Sep 2016   [Refereed]
Nakamura M, Nakagawa M, Watanabe J
Immunological investigations   44(1) 1-12   2015   [Refereed]
Usefulness of aromatherapy for elderly with dementia living in a geriatric health service facility
Takeda y, Hra S, Ono M, Kobayashi Y, Nakamura, M
Shimane Jornal of Medical Science   35 23-31   Feb 2014   [Refereed]
Watanabe J, Nakagawa M, Watanabe N, Nakamura M
The FEBS journal   280(5) 1281-1293   Mar 2013   [Refereed]
Nakamura M, Watanabe J, Watanabe N
Molecular and cellular biochemistry   364(1-2) 39-43   May 2012   [Refereed]
Chronic administration of cardanol (ginkgol) extracted from ginkgo biloba leaves and cashew nutshell liquid improves working memory-related learning in rats.
Tobinaga S, Hashimoto M, Utsunomiya I, Taguchi K, Nakamura M, Tsunematsu T
Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin   35(1) 127-129   2012   [Refereed]
Shimosaki S, Tsurunaga Y, Itamura H, Nakamura M
Natural product research   25(4) 374-380   Feb 2011   [Refereed]
New surface-modified zinc oxide nanoparticles with aminotriethylene oxide chains linked by 1,2,3-triazole ring: preparation, and visible light-emitting and noncytotoxic properties.
Sato M, Shimatania K, Iwasakia Y, Moritoa S., Tanaka H, Fujita Y, Nakamura M
Applied Surface Science   258(786) 790   2011   [Refereed]
Nakamura M, Watanabe N
Biochemical and biophysical research communications   401(2) 257-261   Oct 2010   [Refereed]
Preparation, characterization and properties of novel covalently surfacefunctionalized zinc oxide nanoparticles
Sato M, HaradaH, Morito S, Fujita Y, Shimosaki S, Urano T, Nakamura M
Applied Surface Science   256 4497-4501   2016   [Refereed]
Nakamura M, Shimosaki S
The FEBS journal   276(21) 6355-6363   Nov 2009   [Refereed]
Quercetin regulates the inhibitory effect of monoclonal non-specific suppressor factor beta on tumor necrosis factor-alpha production in LPS-stimulated macrophages.
Nakamura M, Omura S
Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry   72(7) 1915-1920   Jul 2008   [Refereed]
Nakamura M, Yamaguchi S
The Journal of biological chemistry   281(25) 16861-16869   Jun 2006   [Refereed]
Noncovalent interaction of MNSF, a ubiquitin-like protein, with histone 2A.
Nakamura M, Tanigawa T
Comp Biochem Physiol B Biochem Mol Biol.   140(2) 207-210   Feb 2005   [Refereed]
Ubiquitin-like polypeptide inhibits cAMP-induced p38 MAPK activation in Th2 cell lines.
Nakamura M, Tanigawa Y
Immunobiology   208(5) 4052-4058   2004   [Refereed]
Characterization of ubiquitin-like polypeptide acceptor protein, a novel pro-apoptotic member of Bcl2 family.
Nakamura M, Tanigawa T
Eur J Biochem.   270(20) 4052-4058   Oct 2003   [Refereed]


Immunoregulatory properties of ubiquitin-related proteins.
Current Trends in Immunology   4 157   2002
Immunosuppression by a novel ubiquitin-like molecule.
Recent Research Developments in Immunology   3 179-186   2001
A deletion mutant lacking three out of four transfer RNA genes upstream of the coding region of fut B.
Journal of Biochemistry   93, 1101-1108    1983
Isolation and characterization of a monoclonal nonspecific suppressor factor (MNSF) produced by a T cell hybridoma.
Journal of Immunology   136    1986
Characterization of a monoclonal nonspecific suppressor factor (MNSF) with the use of a monoclonal antibody.
Journal of Immunology   138    1987
Characterization of cell surface receptors for monoclonal nonspecific suppressor factor (MNSF)
Cellular Immunology   130, 281-290    1990
Interferon-γ enhances expression of cell surface receptors for monoclonal nonspecific suppressor factor (MNSF)
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Desensitization of IL-4 secretion from mouse bone marrow-derived mast cells
Immunology Letters   1994 129   1994
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Isolation and characterization of a human nonspecific suppressor factor from ascitic fluid of sytemic lupus erythematosus
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Effect of lipopolysaccharide on thymidine salvage as related to macophage activation
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Human nonspecific suppressor factor (hNSF) : Cell source and effects on T and B lymphocytes
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The role of cyclic AMP in the lipopolysaccharide-induced suppression of thymidine kinase activity in macrophage
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta   1265 201   1995
"Ubiquitin-like moiety of the monoclonal nonspecific suppressor factorβ (MNSFβ) is responsible for its activity"
The Journal of Immunology   156 533-538   1996

Books etc

Amyloid and Amyloidosis" Cerebral amyloid angiopathy associated with cerebral hemorrhage with the deposition of cystatin-C:Study on Japanese case.
Kluwer Academic Publishers, London   1990   
Suppression of B cell function for treatment of autoimmune mice by means of total lymphoid irradiation and administration of Suppressor factor. "New Horizons in Animal Models for autoimmune Disease"
Academic Press.   1987   
Cerebral amyloid angiopathy with the deposition of gamma-trace (cystatin C). "Intracellular Proteolysis-Mechanisms and Regulations"
Japan Scientific Societies Press, Tokyo.   1988   
Cerebral amyloid angiophathy with the deposition of cystatic C (gamma-trace) and β protein. "Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders"
Alan R. Liss Inc, New York   1989   
Cystatin C(γ-trace)and β-protein coexist in the cerebral hemorrhage and consequential vascular dementia
Basic, Clinical and Therapeutic Aspects of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, Plenum Press. New York   1990   


Joint Research on the Mechanism of Action of Immuosuppressor

Research Grants & Projects

Isolation and characterization of ubiquitin-like protein MNSF-conjugating enzymes
Project Year: Apr 2011 - Mar 2014    Investigator(s): NAKAMURA Morihiko
Ubiquitin-like MNSFβ regulates apoptosis
Project Year: Apr 2007 - Mar 2009    Investigator(s): NAKAMURA Morihiko
Characterization of ubiquitin-like polypeptide acceptor protein, a novel pro-apoptotic member of the Bcl-2 family
Project Year: Apr 2003 - Mar 2005    Investigator(s): NAKAMURA Morihiko
Novel mechanism of action of monoclonal nonspecific suppressor factor (MNSF)
Project Year: Apr 2001 - Mar 2003    Investigator(s): NAKAMURA Morihiko
Project Year: Apr 1996 - Mar 1998    Investigator(s): NAKAMURA Morihiko
Study on immune response suppressor factor
Study on yeast β-glucan
Project Year: 2004   
Research on the Mechanism of Action of Immunosuppressor


特許US 8,968, 704 B2 : Fluorescent labeling material and fluorescent labeling agent
NAKAMURA Morihiko, SATO Moriyuki