TOKUDA Masaaki

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TOKUDA Masaaki
Kagawa University
Faculty of Medicine
Job title
医学博士(Okayama University)

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International Society of Rare Sugars  International Committee member


D-allose, an all-cis aldo-hexose, suppresses development of salt-induced hypertension in Dahl rats.
J Hypertens.   23 1887-1894   2005
The inhibitory effect and possible mechanisms of D-allose on cancer cell proliferation.
Int J Oncol.   27(4) 907-912   2005
Suppression of cancer cell proliferation by LED light and rare sugar
中島規孝, 岡本研正, 徳田雅明, 隋麗(Noritaka Nakashima, Kensho Okamoto, Masaaki Tokuda, Li Sui)
Optics Japan 2005 Extended Abstracts,   36-37   Nov 2005
Application of High-Brightness LED to Phototherapy
多田絵美, 岡本研正, 徳田雅明(Emi TADA, Kensho OKAMOTO, Masaaki TOKUDA)
Optics Japan 2005 Extended Abstracts   366-367   Nov 2005

Books etc

Purification of three forms of lipocortin from bovine lung and their phosphorylation by protein kinase C.
Calcium Signaling and Cell Response   1988   
Identification of lipocortin in rat liver mitochondria and its tyrosine phosphorylation.
Bioinformatics   1989   
Physiological roles of neurotrophic factors in brain injury.
Recent Advance Neurotraumatology Springer-Verlag   1993   

Conference Activities & Talks

Rare sugars possess physiological functions
Rare sugar congress in Kagawa 2004   2004   
Regulation of Neuronal Nitric-oxide Synthase by phosphorylation
生理研研究会「カルシウムシグナル研究の新潮流」   2004   
Inhibition of Neuronal Nitricoxide Synthase by Phosphorylation at Threonine1296 in NG108-15 Neuronal Cells
第56回日本生理学会中国四国地方会   2004   
Coordinated Control of Neuronal Nitric-oxide Synthase phosphorylation by multiple protein kinases
第56回日本生理学会中国四国地方会   2004   
Identification of Regulatory Sites of Phosphorylation of Neuronal Nitric-oxide Synthase at Thr1296 and Ser1412
第77回日本生化学会大会   2004   

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Research Grants & Projects

Analysis of physiological functions of rare sugars
Project Year: 1990   
Expression of functional proteins in cell differentiation in inner ear
Project Year: 1990   


Increase of the resistance of plant diseases by rare sugars.
Inhibition of lacto-peroxidase by rare sugars and its usage.
Separation of D-allose using crystallization method and its application for mass production of D-allose.
Modification of ovalbumin by Maillard reaction using a rare sugar,D-psicose, and its usage for foods.