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Doctor of Science(The University of Tokyo)

Academic & Professional Experience

Professor, University of Tsukuba Graduate School of Library, Information and Media Studies, Graduate School of Library,Information and Media Studies Library,Information and Media Studies


Chemistry, Graduate School, Division of Science, The University of Tokyo
Faculty of Science, The University of Tokyo

Awards & Honors

The best paper award, 2005, Japan Society of Information and Knowledge


Interactive Web-based Application for Visualization of Spatial Data of the Four-Years Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Process of Tsunami and Earthquake in Aceh-Nias, Indonesia
Proc. of the 14th International Conference on Geometry and Graphics, Kyoto, August 5-9, 2010 (ISBN 987-4-9900967-1-7, CD-ROM)   10p.   2010
An Implementation of a Similarity Index of Images for a Retrieval System of Thematic Maps
International Society for Geometry and Graphics (ISGG)Proc. of the 13th International Conference on Geometry and Graphics, Dresden, August 4-8, 2008 (ISBN 987-3-86780-042-6, CD-ROM)   8p.   2008
Journal of Japan Society of Information and Knowledge   18(1) 22-46   2008
Development of an e-learning system using Cyber Japan Map System for an elementary school education (jointly authored)
Proc. of the 7th China-Japan Joint Conf. on Graphic Education   234-240   2005
A Metadeta Model based on the Concept of Strucred Digital Object (SDO) and Its Application in Digital Libraries--From Concept to Prototype Sysutem (jointly authored)
Proc. of Intrn. Conf. on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications 2004   147-154   2004

Books etc

"Four Years of TOOL-IR : The Reception of An On-line Information Service by Japanese Users" in H. Inose ed. "Scientific Information Systems in Japan" (jointly authored)
North Holland Publishing Company   1981   

Research Grants & Projects

development of information and knowledge system
Project Year: 2004   
study of degital document system
Project Year: 2004