Matsumoto Makoto

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Matsumoto Makoto
University of Tsukuba
Faculty of Library, Information and Media Science
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Research Areas


Published Papers

Tokii, Maki; Kita, Eiji; Mitsumata, Chiharu; Ono, Kanta; Yanagihara, Hideto; Matsumoto, Makoto
JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS   117(17)    May 2015   [Refereed]
Ideas for the International Collaboration in the LIS Education and Research at Tsukuba
C., Mizoue;N., Nakayama;Ishii, Hirotoyo;H., Joho;M., Matsumoto
Workshop on Global Collaboration of Infomation Schools (WIS2010)      Jun 2010   [Refereed]
Fermi Surface and Magnetism of Rare Earth Metal Europium for α=2/3,0.8,0.9 and 1
M.Fukuchi;M.Matsumoto;I.Shibata;Y.Sakizi;S.I.Kobayasi;+松本, 紳
Keio Engineering Reports   33 83-95   Jan 1980   [Refereed]
Role of the Electron Fermi Surface in the Helical Spin Ordering of Rare Earth Metals Eu
M.Matsumoto;I.Shibata;Y.Sakizi;M.Fukuchi;S.I.Kobayasi;+松本, 紳
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan   49 1030-1033   Jan 1980   [Refereed]
Self-Consistent Band Structure and the Fermi Surface for α=2/3 in the Rare Earth Metal Europium
M.Matsumoto;M.Fukuchi;Y.Sakizi;S.I.Kobayasi;+松本, 紳
Keio Science and Technology Reports   34 97-110   Jan 1981   [Refereed]

Books etc

Theory of Magnetocrystalline Anisotropy
J.B.Staunton;P.Strange;G.L.Gyorffy;M.Matsumoto;J.Poulter;H.Ebert;N.P.Archibald;+松本, 紳
The Effects of Relativity in Atoms, Molecules, and the Solid State Plenum Press The Effects of Relativity in Atoms, Molecules, and the Solid State Plenum Press Plenum Press   Jan 1991   
松本, 紳
東京電機大学出版局 東京電機大学出版局    Jan 1997   
松本, 紳
図書館を使う[図書館・情報メディア双書12] 図書館を使う[図書館・情報メディア双書12] 勉誠出版   Jan 1999   
松本, 紳
東京電機大学出版局 東京電機大学出版局    Jan 2000   
Multimedia beginners Text 2nd edition
松本, 紳;小高和己
東京電機大学出版局 東京電機大学出版局    Jan 2001   

Conference Activities & Talks

Reverse Monte Carlo analysis for magnetic domain structure
58th Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials(MMM)   4 Nov 2013   
CaVO3のコンプトンプロファイルの計算 [Invited]
____   Sep 2002   
LSDA+Uによる遷移金属の電子構造II [Invited]
____   Mar 2003   
LSDA+Uによる遷移金属の電子構造III [Invited]
____   Mar 2004   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on the Compton profile and the positron annihilation 2D ACAR.
Study of magnetism by using the spin polarized relativistic multiple scattering theory