DOMON Tsuyoshi

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DOMON Tsuyoshi
Tokyo Metropolitan University
Faculty of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering

Research Areas



A Development of Test Apparatus for Earth Pressure on Subaqueous Shield Tunnel
Proceedings of The 46th Annual Conference of the Japan Society of Civil Engineers, 3      1991
Study on Earth Pressure on Subaqueous Shield Tunnel
Proc. of the 47 the Annual Conference of the JSCE   47(3) 80-81   1992
An Analysis of Primary Lining for Shield Tunnels in Cohesive Ground under Consideration of Dissipation of Excess Pore Water Pressure
Proceedings of the 48th Annual Confercnce of JSCE   48(3) 176-177   1993
Fundamental Reserch of Earth Pressure on Shield Tunnel in Sand Mixed Cohesive Ground.
Proceeding of the 49th Annual Conference of JSCE   49(3) 1358-1359   1994
Models Tests on Pullout Resistance of Rock Bolts
Proceeding of the 47th Annual Conference of JSCE   47(3) 672-673   1992


Study Mission of Tunnel Emergency Facilities and New Excavation Method in Europe

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Earth and Water Pressure for Shield Tunnels
Study on the supporting effect of rock bolts
Model tests on loads of tunnel using trap-doors