OKADA Toshimi

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OKADA Toshimi
Toyama Prefectural University
Faculty of Engineering

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Engineering, Nagoya University
Faculty of Engineering, Kanazawa University


Rocket Experiment of VLF and MF Radio Wave Measurement by Using a Single Loop Antenna
Trans. IEICE   Vel.E73-B,No.2,PP.237-244    1990
Electric Field Measurement on the Akebono(EXOS-D)Satellite
J. Geomag. Geoelectr.   Vol.42,PP.371-384    1990
Design of a small loop antenna system for receiving waves in VLF and MF bands using a series-transformer network
Trans. ICE   Vol.E70,NO.6,PP.550-561    1987
On the Polarization Error of VLF Direction-Finding for Close Ionospheric Ext Points
Vol.J69-B,NO.5,PP.535-540    1986
Observation of Left-Handed Polarized Whistlers at Moshiri
Vol.J68-B,NO.11,PP.1321-1322    1985

Books etc

Natural VLF Radio Waves
Research Studies Press John Wiley & Sons   1988   
An interpretation of dawn-side mid latitude VLF emissions in terms of quasi-linear electron cyclotron instability
Nonlinear and Environmental Electro-magnetics, Elsevier Science Pub.   1985   
Day-night and latitudinal variations of whistler intensities as estimated by direction finding measurements
Non lineor and Environmental Electro-magnetics, Elsevier Science Pub.   1985   
Observations of VLF/ELF electromagnetic variations associated with a seismic experimental explosion
Electromagnetic phenomena related to earthquake prediction, Terrabup   1994   

Research Grants & Projects

Study of ELF and VLF electromagnetic waves in the magnetosphere using spacecraft
Study on the VLF and LF radio propagation in the ionosphere
Study on the method for radio wave measurement on board spacecraft