NAGAI Hiroichi

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NAGAI Hiroichi
Gifu Pharmaceutical University
Faculty of Pharmaceutical ScienceExpanded Department of Specialty Courses
(BLANK)(Kyushu University)

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Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2010
Jun 2016
Gifu Junior college of health science


Graduate School, Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Gifu Pharmaceutical University
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science, Gifu Pharmaceutical University


SEO Makoto, KOBAYASHI Ryo, OKAMURA Tetsunori, IKEDA Koji, SATOH Masahiko, INAGAKI Naoki, NAGAI Hiroichi, NAGASE Hisamitsu
The Journal of Toxicological Sciences   37(2) 439-445   Apr 2012
Trichloroethylene (TCE) and tetrachloroethylene (perchloroethylene; PCE) are commonly identified as environmental contaminants of groundwater. Previously, we investigated the enhancing effects of TCE and PCE on antigen-induced histamine release an...
USUDA Haruki, ENDO Takumi, SHIMOUCHI Ayumi, SAITO Asaka, TOMINAGA Makoto, YAMASHITA Hirotaka, NAGAI Hiroichi, INAGAKI Naoki, TANAKA Hiroyuki
Journal of Pharmacological Sciences   118(2) 266-274   Feb 2012
Formaldehyde (FA) is irritating to the skin and is the main cause of sick building syndrome. However, the cutaneous reaction induced by long-term FA exposure has not been fully investigated. In our previous study, we demonstrated that repeated pai...
KOBAYASHI Ryo, IKEMOTO Tadayoshi, SEO Makoto, SATOH Masahiko, INAGAKI Naoki, NAGAI Hiroichi, NAGASE Hisamitsu
The Journal of Toxicological Sciences   35(5) 699-707   Oct 2010
The prevalence of allergic disorders is increasing in industrial areas and countries. Recent reports suggest that some environmental pollutants are related to the increase in allergic diseases, and we reported that trichloroethylene (TCE) is a can...
SHAH Mohammad Monir, MIYAMOTO Yoshihiro, YAMADA Yoshihito, YAMASHITA Hirotaka, TANAKA Hiroyuki, EZAKI Takayuki, NAGAI Hiroichi, INAGAKI Naoki
Microbiology and immunology   54(9) 523-533   Sep 2010
TAKAHASHI Go, TANAKA Hiroyuki, WAKAHARA Keiko, NASU Reishi, HASHIMOTO Mikiko, MIYOSHI Kosuke, TAKANO Hirohisa, YAMASHITA Hirotaka, INAGAKI Naoki, NAGAI Hiroichi
Journal of pharmacological sciences   112(2) 192-202   Feb 2010

Books etc

Anatomical physiology----Respiratory system
The theoretical and practical therapy of allergic diseases-------Anti-allergic drugs

Research Grants & Projects

The mechanism of the onset and development of allergic and autoimmune disease
Pharmacological studies of the remedy for allergic and autoimmune disease