TAKEUCHI Yoshihiro

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TAKEUCHI Yoshihiro
Shiga University of Medical Science
Undergraduate School of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Shiga University of Medical Science Undergraduate School of Medicine Faculty of Medicine
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Academic & Professional Experience

Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine,
Exchange Scietist between Royal Society and
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science


Graduate School, Division of Medicine, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine
Medical Science, Faculty of Medicine, Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Published Papers

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[A case of mitochondrial myopathy, encephalopathy, lactic acidosis and stroke-like episode/Leigh overlap syndrome].
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Akitaka Nomura, Yoshihiro Maruo, Takashi Taga, Yoshihiro Takeuchi
Pediatric Research   80 252-257   Aug 2016
© 2016 International Pediatric Research Foundation, Inc.Background: Chemotherapy for malignant neoplasms sometimes induces unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia, resulting in the early cessation of treatment. We evaluated the role of variations in the b...
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Pediatrics International   58 496-500   Jun 2016
© 2016 Japan Pediatric Society.Dysembryoplastic neuroepithelial tumors (DNT) are benign hamartomatous tumors characterized by intractable epilepsy and common localization in the supratentorial cortex, but thalamic involvement in DNT is extremely r...
Yoshihiro Maruo, Sayuri Nakahara, Takahide Yanagi, Akitaka Nomura, Yu Mimura, Katsuyuki Matsui, Hiroshi Sato, Yoshihiro Takeuchi
Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology (Australia)   31 403-408   Feb 2016
© 2016 Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology Foundation and Wiley Publishing Asia Pty Ltd.Background and Aims: Hereditary unconjugated hyperbilirubinemias, Crigler-Najjar syndrome type I, Crigler-Najjar syndrome type II (CN-2), and Gilbert sy...
Yoshihiro Maruo, Asami Mori, Yoriko Morioka, Chihiro Sawai, Yu Mimura, Katsuyuki Matui, Yoshihiro Takeuchi
BMC Endocrine Disorders   16    Jan 2016
© 2016 Maruo et al.Background: Resistance to thyroid hormone beta (RTHβ) is a rare and usually dominantly inherited syndrome caused by mutations of the thyroid hormone receptor β gene (THRB). In severe cases, it is rarely challenging to control ma...
Toshiyuki Yamamoto, Seiichiro Yoshioka, Yoshinori Tsurusaki, Shimada Shino, Shimada Shino, Keiko Shimojima, Yosuke Shigematsu, Yoshihiro Takeuchi, Naomichi Matsumoto
Brain and Development   38 142-144   Jan 2016
© 2015 The Japanese Society of Child Neurology.l-2-Hydroxyglutaric aciduria ( l-2-HGA) is a rare inborn error of metabolism. Mainly, patients with this disorder exhibit neurological symptoms and characteristic neuroradiological findings, such as s...

Research Grants & Projects

Neurochemical study on monoamine metabolism in spinal muscular atrophy
0085 (Japanese Only)
Project Year: 1992   
Neurochemical study on intractable epilepsy-with special reference to the TRH therapy
0085 (Japanese Only)
Project Year: 1991   
Neuropathological Study on the Significance of Serotonin Neuron System in Brain Plasticity
0085 (Japanese Only)
Project Year: 1989