MAEDA Hitoshi

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MAEDA Hitoshi
Osaka City University
Graduate School of Medicine
Doctor of Medicine

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Medicine, Wakayama Medical University
Faculty of Medicine, Wakayama Medical University


Immunohistochemische Untersuchung der Blutgruppen-aktivit(]J1103[)ten in der stark verbrannten menschlichen Organgeweben
Archiv. f(]E88DB[)r Kriminologie, 173,165-172   173(5) 6   1984
Immunohistochemical Study of Blood Group Activities in the Alimentary Canal in Normal and Pathologic Conditions with Reference to the Nature of Epithelial Mucopolysaccharides
Zeitschrift f(]E88DB[)r Rechtsmedizin, 101, 137-149   101    1988
Ultratructural Changes in Human Erythrocytes Caused by Heat and the Localization of ABO Blood Group Activity
Japanese Journal of Legal Medicine, 43, 238-242   43(3)    1989
A New Method for the Determination of Ethanol in the Blood and Urine by Pulse Heating
Japanese Journal of Legal Medicine, 43, 315-321   43(4)    1989
Applicability of an Immuno-microsphere Technique for a Forensic Identification of ABO Blood Types. The Use of Fluorescent Microspheres
Japanese Journal of Legal Medicine, 43, 322-327   43(4)    1989

Books etc

Burned Bodies - from the Aspect of Medico-legal Invastigation
Hokkoku Shimbun   1991   
Essentials of Forensic Medicine
A Comparison of Carboxyhemoglobin Measurements of Thermo-changed Blood with CO-Oximeter and Gas Chromatography
Contribution to Foreusic Toxicology. Proceedings of The 31st International Meeting of TIAFT, 1993   1994   
Isolation of high molecular weight DNA from Bloodstains for PCR by ultrafiltration
Advances in Legal Medicine 3   1997   

Research Grants & Projects

Screening of Drugs and Poisons in the Biological Materials
Studies on the Issues Included in the Compensation of Traumatic Physical Influences
Pathophysiology of acute death