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Graduate School, Division of Economics, Osaka City University
Faculty of Economics, Osaka City University


'Burdwan Fever' : Malaria and Environment in Colonial India
Historical Review   (585) 72-84   1999
Malaria Control under the Colonial Rule : India and Taiwan
South Asia : Institutions, Change and Networks   1(3) 9-25   1999
Public Health under the Colonial Rule : India and Taiwan
(878)    1997
A Note on the Indian Indentured Labourers : The Case of Mauritius
Studies on South Asia Communities Abroad (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)      1996
Famines, Epidemics and Mortality in Northern India (1870-1921)
Konan Economic Papers   33(4) 73-97   1993
The Development of Famine Relief Policy in British India
Journal of Economics   91(2)    1990
Famines and Epidemics in Northern India in the late Nineteenth Century
Journal of Economics   90(2)    1989
Rural Poverty and "Green Revolution" in India
Journal of Asian and African Studies   32    1986
Indian Famines in the second half of the nineteenth century and the Colonial Government's Response to them
Socio-Economit History   50(2)    1984
Social and Economic Charateristics of Indian Famines during the second half of the nineteenth century
Journal of Historical Studies   534    1984
The Historical Geography of Asia : On the Importance of "Dry Zone"
Journal of Economics   

Books etc

『多元鑲嵌與創造轉化-臺灣公共衛生百年史』(Diverse Embeddedness and Creative Transformation: A Century of Public Health in Taiwan)
Kohei Wakimura (Part:Joint Work)
Anopheles Factor and Human Factor: Malaria Control under the Colonial Rule, India and Taiwan
The Unfinished Agenda: Nation-Building in South Asia, Manohar   2001   
Famines, Epidemics and Mortality in North Indea, 1870-1921(共著)
Lacal Agrarian Societies in Colonial India: Japanese Perspectives, Curzon   1996   
The Political Economy of Scheduled Castes : Rural Poor and Political Participation in Northern India
Caste System and Discriminated People. Vol. 4. Life and Economy   1995   
The Political Economy of Middle Castes : A Study on Charan Singh
The History of Disputed Area. Vol. 3. South Asia   1994   
World Capitalism and Non-White Labour
The Economic Society of Osaka City University   1983   
Food and Agriculture in the World
Ie-no-Hikari Kyokai   


Rural Poverty and Socio-Economic Change in Northern India

Research Grants & Projects

Diseases and Public Health in Colonial India
Famines and Epidemics in Colonial India