TAKAYA Tomohisa

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TAKAYA Tomohisa
Former Institution /Organization Osaka City University Graduate School of Human Life Science
Job title
Master of Agriculture

Research Interests


Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Agriculture, Osaka Prefecture University
Faculty of Agriculture, Osaka Prefecture University


Degradation of starch granules by α-amylases of fungi (共著)
St(]E88D2[)rke   30(9)    1978
Degradation of starch granules by α-amylases of ┣DBStreptomyces(/)-┫DB ┣DBprecox(/)-┫DB NA-273 (共著)
St(]E88D2[)rke   31(6)    1979
Studies on Amylase Inhibitor, BAYe 4609 and BAYg 5421 from Actinoplanes sp.
Journal of Japanese Society of Starch Science   27(2)    1980
Inhibition of Bacterial Growth by Commercial Kona-wasabi(Powdered Horseradish) and Karashi-ko (Mustard Powder)
Annual Report of Science of Living, Osaka City University   37    1989

Books etc

"Degradation of various starch granules by amylases" in Mechanisms of Saccharide Polymerization and Depolymerization (共著)
Academic Press Inc.   1980   
"Rheology and DSC of Gellan-Agarose Mixed Gels" in Food Hydrocolloids (共著)
Plenum Press, New York   1994   
Effects of sugars on the gel-sol transition of agarose and κ-carrageenan (共著)
Developments in Food Engineering, Part 1   1994   
Gel-sol transition of gellan aqueous solutions by rheology and DSC-Effects of salts(共著)
The Wiley Polymer Neworks Group Review I, Chemical and Physical Networks, Formation and Control of Properties, Edited by K. te Nijenhuis and W. J. Mijs   1998   

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State of Water in Foods
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Diffusion of Seasonings into Foods
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Cooking Properties of Rice
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