KAMISAKA Seiichiro

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KAMISAKA Seiichiro
Former Institution / Organization University of Toyama Faculty of Science Department of Biology

Research Interests


Research Areas



Osmoregulation in hypocotyls of etiolated mung bean seedlings with or without cotyledons in response to water deficient stress,
Bot. mag. Tokyo   96,211-222    1983
Quantitative relationships between osmotic potential and epicotyl growth in Vigna radiata as affected by osmotic stress and cotyledon excision.
Physiol. Plant.   64,431-437    1985
Enhancing effects of heat shock and gibberellic acid on the thermotolerance in etioalted Vigna radiata. I. Physiological aspects on ther-motolerance.
Physiol. Plant.   66,595-601    1986
Effect of water stress and ethylene on osmoregulation in the subhook region of pea epicotyls.
Biochem Physiol. Pflanzen   182,41-48    1987
Inhibition of the coleoptile growth in Avena sativa by ensopserm removal- Changes in auxin, osmotica and cell wall.
Plant Cell Physiol.   29,467-474    1987

Research Grants & Projects

Action Mechanism of Gibberellins
Effect of Gravity on Plant Growth and Development and Cell walls
Plant Growth Regulation by Phenolics ester-linked to Cell Walls