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Kobe University
Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies Department of Economic Development and Policies
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Determinants of Child Mortality in Lao PDR
SURUGA TERUKAZU, phonvisay Alay
Lao Journal of Economics and Business Management   4(1) 38-56   May 2013   [Refereed]
Using Lao Reproductive Health Survey 2005, this paper examines the determinants of child mortality by comparing them among regiones and ethnic groups. This paper fines that maternal education and availability of health worker are important fro red...
Economic Development and Child Health Status in Northern Laos
Terukazu Suruga, Phanhpakit Ohnhpandala, Alay Phonvisay
journal of Economics and Business Administration   205巻6号29-39頁    Jun 2012
Impacts of Chinese Investment on Agricultural Transformation and Rural Development: Evidence from Oudomxay, Nothern Laos
Terukazu SURUGA
Scientific Journal of National University of Laos   Vol.5,179-188    Dec 2011   [Refereed]
An Analysis on the Problem of Late Marriage and Declining Birthrates in Japan Based on Regional Data
Mayumi Nishimoto, Terukazu Suruga
The Hannan Ronshu- Social Science   第46巻第2号    Mar 2011   [Refereed]
Determinants on time of husband's housework
Terukazu Suruga
樋口美雄、府川哲夫編著『ワーク・ライフ・バランスと家族形成』東京大学出版会   第9章、195-216    Jan 2011   [Refereed]


Economics and International Development
Terukazu Suruga
Handbook Economics Ed. by Keizai-Keiei Gakkai, Kobe University   第26章、385-398    Mar 2011
Development Macroeconomics
Terukazu Suruga, Takaharu Ishii
Theories and Policies in Economic Development   3章、61-79    Apr 2008
Terukazu Suruga
香川・金子編『法整備支援論ー制度構築の国際協力入門』ミネルヴァ書房   第2章第4節    Apr 2007
Terukazu Suruga
日本人口学会編『人口大辞典』培風館   第2部5-Ⅳ・176-180    Jun 2002
Terukazu Suruga
日本労働研究雑誌   501・54-56    2002

Books etc

SURUGA Terukazu (Part:Joint Work)
東京大学出版会(中馬宏之・駿河輝和編著)   Jun 1997   
SURUGA Terukazu
(大阪府立大学研究双書61)   Feb 1985   

Conference Activities & Talks

The effects of contract farming on rural living in northern Laos
SURUGA TERUKAZU, Onphanhdala Phanhpakit
Western Japan meeting of Japan Association for Asian Studies   Nov 2013   Japan Association for Asian Studies
The contract farming by Chinese marchants brings cash income to Lao farmers and it has positive effects on education, health, agricultural diversity and etc. On the other hand, the contract farming bring income inequality, weakness in community ti...
The Effects of Chinese Investment on Agriculture and Poverty Reduction in Northern Laos
SURUGA TERUKAZU, Onphanhdala Phanhpakit
Annual Meeting of Japan Economic Policy Association   May 2013   Japan Economic Policy Association
Chinese Marchants come to Northern Laos and introduce contract farming in self-sufficient agricultur. Lao farmers started producing commercial crops and earning cash income by this contract. This paper investigate the effects of contract farming o...
The Role of Social Capital on Child Nutrition Status-Three Villages Case of Oudomxay Province in Lao PDR [Invited]
Phonvisay Alay, Terukazu SURUGA
Singapore Economic Review Conference 2011   Aug 2011   
Assessing the Impact of FDI and Investment Climate in Lao PDR [Invited]
Phanhpakit Onphanhdala, Terukazu SURUGA
The 12th International Convention of the East Asian Economic Association   Oct 2010   East Asian Economic Association
Farmer Education, Agricultural Efficiency and Rural Development in Lao PDR [Invited]
Phanhpakit Onphanhdala, Terukazu SURUGA
The 11th International Convention of East Asian Economic Association   Nov 2008   East Asian Economic Association

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