ITO Shoichi

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ITO Shoichi
Kwansei Gakuin University
School of Economics
Ph. D. in Ecnomomics(University of Washington (U.S.A)), M. A. in Economics(University of Hawaii), (BLANK)(Kyoto University)

Research Areas



Ecnomics, Graduate School, University of Washington
Faculty of Economics, Kyoto University


An Analysis of Bonus Payment Based on the Specific Human Capital Investment Hypothesis
22(12)    1980
Unionism and the Workers' Compensation Package
University of Washington Unpublished Ph. D. Dissertation      1982
Review on Economics of Trade Unions and Empirical Analysis
25(11)    1983
Japanese Management in Taiwan
Southeast Asian Studies   22(4)    1985
Macro-impacts of Oil Price Changes and Tax Policy -An International Comparison of CGE Analyses on Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Japan-
39(1)    1988

Books etc

The Applications of CGE Analysis : the cases of Taiwan and Philippines Economies
Regional Specific Features of Shanghai, Beijing, and Dalian
"Japanese Style Management from Chinese Viewpoints", Toyo Keizai Shinpousha   1998   
Labor Issues of Japanese Subsidiaries in China)
"Japanese Style Management from Chinese Viewpoints", Toyo Keizai Shinpousha   1998   
People's Republic of China and Hong Kong
"Asian Economies", NTT Publisher   1998   
A Note on the Statistical Data of China : Population and Labor
Klein, Lawrence R.and Shinichi Ichimura ed., 『Econometric Modeling of China』 Chapter 10, World Scientific,   2000   

Research Grants & Projects

Chinese Labour Market
The Regioral Economic Development of China
The Economics Analysis of Manufacturing enterpries in China