HOSOMI Kazuyuki

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HOSOMI Kazuyuki
Kyoto University

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Osaka Prefecture University School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Human Sciences


Nature and History in Adorno(]J1160[) Philosophy
Kantianer   21    1990
A Study of Adorno(]J1160[) later Philosophy
15    1991
In Search for the Subject of Recoginition
Analysis of Human Sciences   10    1989
An Attempt to arrive at "Negative Dialectics"
Analysis of Human Sciences   11    1990
A Study of Adorno(]J1160[) Artsociology (1)
Annals of Human Sciences   12    1991
An Origin of Yoji Arakawa
Bracket   10    1990
Dynamics of the Law of Identity -Kikuo Sugaya and Rilke, Brecht, Heidegger-
Ankaruwa   84    1990
Selfconscionsness of a 'Refugee' -Traces of Kikuo Sugaya-
Discoveries and Inventions   19    1990
For the Physiognomy of Yoshiro Ishihara(1)
Station in Life   21    1992
Natur und Sprache des jungen Benjamin
Annals for German and French Literature   26,65-71    1992
Bachman(1964)and Handke(1973)-Engagement and poetic thinking
Annals for German Literature   33,126    1993
For the Physiognomy of Yoshiro Ishihara(2)
Station in Life   22,38-43    1993
About Adorno's Kant-criticism-or A Criticism of "metakritik"
Revue de la pens(]J1117[)e d'aujourd'hui   22(4) 286-294   1994
A voice from a distant place- a Japanese poct Teiwa Fujii at Gulf War-
aala   (96) 38-48   1994
The relation between Auschwitz and expression
Poetics   49(11) 64-67   1994
An atempt to represent Adorno's Husserl-Criticism
Annals for German and French Literature   (28) 101-114   1994
Tradition of a sorrow - about a yiddish song in "SHOAH"
Revue de la pens(]J1117[)e d'aujourd'hui   23(7) 94-101   1995
For the Physiognomy of Yoshiro Ishihara(3)
Station in Life   (23) 12-23   1995
Yoshiro Ishihara and his Representations of Siberian Camp
aala   (100) 18-32   1995
Event and Memory
Critical Space   II(14) 66-77   1997
Possibility of World-literature
Gendaishi Techo   40(9) 90-99   1997
Parataxis as a method
Misuzu   (441) 52-61   1997
Die Zukunft der "Ironie"-Yojuro Yasuda und die dentsche Literatur-
Die Deutsche Literatur   (100) 56-63   1998
How can we "understand" the film "Murmuring"?
Revne de la pens'ee d'aujourd'hui   25(10) 63-71   1997
An Essay about Kan Dokkyon
Impaction   (107) 134-141   1998
Nobuo AYUKAWA and Two Suspensions
Revision   (1) 89-90   1998
Words and Memories
Ideas   (890) 110-122   1998
Before "Cogito", or Yoshimi TAKEUCHI and Yojuro YASUDA
Revision   (2) 141-158   1998
A Century's Solitude
Gendaishi Techo   42(2) 54-63   1999

Books etc

Mr.JoriBen and Languages
Asahi Shuppan   1996   
Adorno-Philosophy of Nonidentity-
Kodansha   1996   
About Some Motivs of Adorno's Heidegger-Criticism
Imagination of Fascisms(Jinbun Shoin)   1997   
What is a History
Iwanami-shoten   1999   


"A swimming pool which is sinking" (a collection of my poems, IO-books, 1989)
I worked as one of assistants in making a Japanese version of "SHOAH" (a film by Claude Lanzman, 1985)
"Naturalhistory in Beyers Style"(the second collection of my poetical works,Shoshi Yamada,1995)
Search for"Diaspora"of Jewish People in Brazil
Search for"Diaspora"of Jewish People in India

Research Grants & Projects

Study of Adorno's Thoughts
Study of Fascism
Study of Benjamin's Thoughts