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Hokkaido University
Faculty of Education
Job title
Associate Professor
(BLANK)(The University of Tokyo)

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Education, The University of Tokyo
Faculty of Education, The University of Tokyo

Published Papers

On the Being of Listening:Toward the Relatedness
The Hokkaido Journal of Clinical research on Human Development and Education   (5) 30-47   Jul 2016   [Invited]


For the Pedagogfy of Weakness
The Japanese Jouranal of Nursing Education   59(4) 286-292   Apr 2018   [Invited]
What are Needed to Become a "Caring" Adult? (oral presentation)
20th International Human Science Research Conference?      2001
Corporal Punishment in Regard to the Basic Views on Education -Based on the Notions of Japanese Students- (oral presentation)
"Perugia-Tokyo" Symposium      2001
Rethinking"Child as a Learning Subject"View on Education-based on my experience of school in the United States-
Research Reports, Himeji Institute of Technology, School of Humanities for Environmental Policy and Technology   (2) 137-151   2000
On the Knowledge Required to Help Others
Japanese Journal of Theoretical Psychology   1(1) 54-55   2000
Educational Relations in Japan and U.S.A : How Children Grow Up in Different Cultures (oral presentation)
The 17th International Human Science Research Conference      1998
On the Refusal of Understanding" a Child as a Subject who learns"
(368) 66-69   1997
Caring for Children with Psychological Trauma -On the Victims of the Earthquake in Kobe-
Network of Creation of Teaching   9(4) 73-77   1996
On the Training of (becoming) Teachers
Educational Psychology Forum Report      1996
Caring for Children who were Victims of the Earthquake in Kobe (oral presentation)
The 14th International Human Science Researth Conference      1995
Watching and Listening to the Words of Preschool Teachers
Journal of Infant Education   14(4) 28-36   1994
To be a Subject who Learns : Especially on "Interest, Will, Attitude" of "New View on Learning"
Journal of Learning & Evaluation   5(1) 40-49   1994
Teacher's Corporal Punishment and Its Supporting View of Education -Based on the Opinions of Students Taking a Course for the Teaching Profession-
Research Bulletin Ron-En   (5) 79-93   1994
An Essay on the Relation between Practice and Theory in Pedagogy
On Learning and Teaching : Studies in Phenomenology   5,107-120    1993
Reports on the Symposium"On the Practicality of Educational Psychology"
Educational Psychology Forum Report      1993
Children's Voices in the Classroom of Ms. Tsukiji : About the Stifling Atmosphere
Network of Creation of Teaching   5(14) 85-90   1992
Education as a Creation : Viewed from Hermeneutics (oral presentation)
The 11th International Human Science Research Conference      1992
The Classroom as a Place Where Teachers and Students Live-Toward a Study of Interpersonal Relationship in the Classroom-
Research Bulletin Ron-En   2    1991
The Other, Body, and Dialogue : Toward a Phenomenology of Relationship
On Learning and Teaching : Studies in Phenomenology   3    1991
The Other and Otherness : Guided by Emanuel Levinas's Thoughts on the Other
On Learning and Teaching : Studies in Phenomenology   2    1989
A Research Note : On Temporality in Human Action -Commentary on the Dispute in "American Psychologist"-
On Learning and Teaching : Studies in Phenomenology   2    1989
Teaching and Learning as a Creation-The Investigation of Kihaku Saito's Ideas of Teaching and Learning from the Hermeneutical Viewpoints of H. G. Gadamer-
Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, the University of Tokyo   27    1987
On the Lived Body in Relationship
On Learning and Teaching : Studies in Phenomenology   1    1987
Empathy and Understanding the Other Person
Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, the University of Tokyo   24    1984

Books etc

Principles of Human Growth
The Series of Infant Education and Caring ; vol. 17, Principles of Elementary Education   1993   
Evaluating Children's Will
Cognitive Psychologists Speak of Educational Evaluation   1996   
From a Viewpint of a"Researcher=Practitioner"
Rethinking Psychology and Educational Practice   1998   

Conference Activities & Talks

School as Learning Community in Hokkaido, Japan
5th International Conference of School as Learning Community   21 Oct 2017   
The 1st International Conference of School as Learning Community   9 Mar 2014   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Interpersonal Relationship in Education
Phenomenological and Practical Study of Classrooms