HIRAOKA Akitoshi

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HIRAOKA Akitoshi
Shimonoseki City University
Faculty of Economics
Job title
Professor of Geography
(BLANK)(Kansai University)

Research Interests


Research Areas


Awards & Honors

Award of Bank of Sinwa


Possession and Management of Minami Torishima Island
The Historical Geography   (215)    2003
Motive Power of Sugar Cane Pressing Works in Amami Islands
Geografica Senrigaoka   1,71-86    1992
Delimitaiton of Territory and Mining of Phosphate rock in Okino-Daito Island
Journal of Liveral ARts and Economics of Nagasaki Prefectural University   25(3-4) 432-448   1992
Seasonal Foreign Laborers in the Sugar-cane Agriculture of the Ryukyu Islands
The Bulletin of Institute of Minami-kyushu Regional Science   (3) 1-20   1986
A Geographical Study of the Depopulation in the South of the Amami Oshima Island
The Bulletin of Institute of Minami-kyushu Regional Science   (2) 1-19   1985

Books etc

Research into People, Life and Industry of Japanese Islands
kaiseisya   2003   
Water Mills and its features of Region
kokonshoin   2001   
View from map in Hokaido
kokonshoin   2001   
View from map in T(]E87C7[)hoku
kokonshoin   2000   
View from map in Chyubu (]G0001[)・(]G0002[)
kokonshoin   2000   


Geographical Surney about the Origin, Dispersal and Fixation of the Water Utilization-Technigues in Arid Asia
The Utilization of Water and Water Power in turkey
Reserch on Historical Information of OKINAWA
1994 - 1997

Research Grants & Projects

Agriculture and Agricultural village in Nansei Islands
Project Year: 1975 - 2010