INTOH Michiko

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INTOH Michiko
National Museum of Ethnology
Job title
Ph. D.((New Zealand)), M. A.((New Zealand))

Research Interests


Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

- Professar, National Museum of Ehtnology


Feb 1982
Mar 1988
Anthropololgy, Otago University, New Zealand
Anthropology, Graduate School, Division of History and Anthropology, Otago University
Mar 1981
Feb 1982
Anthropology, Otago University, New Zealand
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Science (Humanities), Tokyo Woman's Christian University

Committee Memberships

Japanese Society for Oceanic Studies  Council board
Anthropological Society of Nippon  Council board

Published Papers

Strontium isotope analysis of prehistoric faunal remains excavated from Fais Island in Micronesia
Gakuhari, T. et al.
People and Culture in Oceania   13 69-81   Feb 2014   [Refereed]
Storey, AA. , et al
PLoS ONE   7(7) 1-11   Jul 2012   [Refereed]
INTOH Michiko (with R. Ono)
Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology   6(2) 255-28   Aug 2011   [Refereed]


Ceramic environment and technology
Intoh, M.
Man and Culture in Oceania   6 35-52   1990
Pigs in Micronesia-introduction or reintroduction by the Europeans?
intoh, M.
Man and Culture in Oceania   2    1986
Fishing, turtle hunting, and mammal exploitation at Fa'ahia, Huahine, French Polynesia.
Leach, B.F., M. Intoh and I. Smith
Journal de la Societe des Oceanistes   79(40)    1984
Why were pots imported to Ngulu Atoll? -a consideration of subsistence strategy
Intoh, M.
The Journal of the Polynesian Society   101(2)    1992
Intoh, M.
Anthropological Science   105(1) 15-28   1997

Books etc

Physical characteristics of the Taumako pottery.
Leach, F. and Davidson, J., Archaeology on Taumako: A Polynesian outlier in the Eastern Solomon Islands. New Zealand Journal of Archaeology (Special Publication)pp.415-420.   2008   ISBN:0476008646
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Intoh, M. and; F. Leach, Archaeological Investigations in the Yap Islands, Micronesia.
B.A.R. International   1985   ISBN:0-86054-353-6

Conference Activities & Talks

Human migrations and/or cultural contacts in Oceania. Paper presented at Sokendai International Symposium '
INTOH Michiko
Sokendai International Symposium 'Modern Human Diversity on Genes and Culture: with special reference to Asia and Oceania'   3 Feb 2014   
Can we distinguish 'human migration' from 'cultural contacts'?: A discussion on the western Micronesian case.
INTOH Michiko
20'th Indo Pacific Prehistory Association Congress (Siem Reap, Cambodia, 12-18, 2014)   14 Jan 2014   
What happned to tuna?: Prehistoric fishing and temporal change of pelagic exploilation in Fais, Micronesia. (Ono, R. and M. Intoh)
Paper presented at 19th IPPA Conference (Nov.29-Dec.5, Hanoi)   2009   
Historical ecology of Fais Island, Micronesia
The 21st Pacific Science Congress (June 12~18, Okinawa)   2007   
The distribution of terms related to turmeric (Curcuma domestica Valeton): Implications for Oceanic culture history. (Kikuzawa, R. and M. Intoh)
Terry Crowley Memorial Workshop on Vanuatu languages (Nov. 13-14, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand).   2006   

Research Grants & Projects

Prehistory of Micronesia
Prehistoric Ceramics in Oceania
Colonization and adaptation in island environment