MORI Kenji

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MORI Kenji
Tohoku Institute of Technology
Faculty of Engineering, Department of Architecture

Research Areas



Investigation and Analysis on Stiffness Degradation of Actual R. C. and S. R. C. Buildings Caused by Severe Earthquake
Memoirs of Tohoku Institute of Technology   7    1987
Evaluation of Story Stittress for Existing Buildings Based on Microtremor Measurement
Memoirs of Tohoku Institute of Technology   11    1991
Ground Condition and Distribution of Earthquake Damage Caused by 1978 MIYAGIKEN-OKI Earthquake
Proceedings of the 6th Japan Earthquake Engineering Symposium      1982
Strength Estimation on Low-and Middle-Rised Reinforced Concrete Buildings by Microtremor Analysis
Proceedings of the 8th Japan Earthquake Engineering Symposium      1990
Verification of Strength Gain about Wall Strengthning on Existing R. C. School Building by Microtremor Measurement
Summaries of Technical Papers of Meeting for Research, Tohoku Branch of AIJ   (57) 277-280   1994

Research Grants & Projects

Structural resistance for RC Buildings Based on Microtremor Measurements