MASAWA Nobuhide

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MASAWA Nobuhide
Dokkyo Medical University
School of Medicine

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Medicine, Gunma University
Faculty of Medicine, Gunma University


Pathology of cerebral arteriosclerotic lesions with lacunar infarction.
J Clin Electron Microscopy   22(5-6)    1989
Significance of structural changes in chronic cerebral vasospasm after subarachnoid hemorrhage
J Clin Electron Microscopy   23(5-6)    1990
Critical carotid stenosis : Morphologic and chemical similarity between symptomatic and asymptmatic plaques.
J Vascular Surg   9(2)    1989
Three-dimensional morphologic analysis of thrombotic occlusive arteries in autopsies of atherosclerotic cerebral infarction.
Stroke   21(8)    1990
Intimal thickness normalizes mural tensile stress in regions of increased intimal area and artery size at the carotid bifurcation.
Arteriosclerosis   8    1988

Books etc

Wall structural changes of cerebral and coronary arteries in relation to hemodynamic forces : A morphometric study.
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Research Grants & Projects

Human pathology of cerebrovascular disorders
Pathology of arteriosclerosis