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Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Rissho University Faculty of Economics, Department of Economics
Apr 1979
Apr 1982
Chiba Keiai University of Economics Faculty of Economics Lecturer
Apr 1982
Mar 1989
Chiba Keiai University of Economics Faculty of Economics Associate Professor
Apr 1989
Mar 2005
Keiai University Faculty of Economics Professor


Apr 1975
Mar 1978
Graduate School, Division of Economics, Graduate School of Tokyo University
Apr 1973
Mar 1975
The University of Tokyo

Committee Memberships

Jan 1993
Dec 1996
Regional Science Association of Japan
Jan 1998
Regional Science Association of Japan
Oct 2017
Regional Science Association of Japan

Published Papers

Transformation of US Economy and Society under the Obama Administration
Transportation and Economy   74(7) 4-12   Jul 2014   [Refereed]
Fundamental study on non-store retailing
63(2)    Nov 2013
Ficical Deficit of the Central Government and Decentralization of Local Governments
Studies in Regional Science   41(4) 837-851   Mar 2012   [Refereed]
Road Network and Effect of Price Change
Keiai University Staff Paper   (62) 36-65   2002
Internalization problem of external diseconomy and technological change
(2011年第3・4合併号)    Mar 2000


Understanding the Keynesian Economics of Tanzan Ishibashi
The Academic Pilgrimage to Sustainable Social Development   63-80   Mar 2018
The Rissho International Journal of Academic Research in Culture and Society,1
Managing bottleneck congestion with tradable credits
Expressways and Automobiles   57(6) 71-78   Jun 2014
Managing bottleneck congestion with tradable credits
Expressways and Automobiles   57(6)    May 2014
imidas 2001
   Nov 2000
"Conceptual Developments in the Economics of Transportation : An Interpretive Survey" by C. Winston
   Oct 1999

Books etc

The Progress and Perspectives of Regional Science in Japan: The Golden 50th Anniversary
Sep 2012   ISBN:978-4-915948-67-1
Reexamination of the relationship between deflation and policy
Public Policy of Waste and Recycle
Tsuho Keizaisha   2000   
Urban Transpartation Econemios(Kenneth A, Small)
Keiso sho bo   1999   
Japanese Economy, Data & Keyword
Shueisha   1999   

Conference Activities & Talks

Examination of the regional characteristics of non-store sales.
16 Oct 2013   
The Cost-Benefit Analysis of Road Investment Under Uncertainty
Second PRSCO Summer Institute   Jul 2002   PRSCO
The Introduction of a Deposit-Refund System and Economic Analysis of its effect
The 6th World Congress of the RSAI   May 2000   RSAI
Japanese Local Government Grant System-A CriticalView-
The 5th Summer Institute, PRSCO   Oct 1998   PRSCO
Long-Run Plan of Local Government and Endogenous Growth Theory
The 14th Meeting of the PRSCO   Oct 1997   PRSCO