ITOH Makoto

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ITOH Makoto
Kitasato University
School of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Animal Science

Research Areas



Animal Science, Graduate School, Division of Agriculture, Tohoku University
Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Tohoku University


Studies on the Milk Clotting Enzyme Produced by Fomitopsis pinicola. (]G0002[). The Purification of the Enzyme and its Properties
Japanese Journal of Dairy Science   19(3)    1970
Enzymatic Studies on Cheese Ripening. (]G0001[). The development of a culture medium for yielding higher activity of protease produced Aspergillus oryzae chosen B.
Japanese Journal of Dairy Science   20(3)    1971
Enzymatic Studies on Cheese Ripening. (]G0002[). Action of protease produced by Aspergillus oryzae chosen B on native casein fractions
Japanese Journal of Dairy Science   20(4)    1971
Contents and Fatty Acid Compositions of Total and Simple Lipids in Muscle Tissues of Japanese Shonthorm
Japanese Journal of Dairy and Food Science   25(5)    1976
Application of Aspergillus oryzae chosen B Protease to Cheese Ripening
Japanese Journal of Dairy and Food Science   29(2)    1980

Research Grants & Projects

The functions of meat for health
The functional ability of loctic bacteria
The new function of eggshell membrane
Role of fat cell(adipocytes) in muscle for meat guality