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Senshu University
School of Letters
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Jun 1981
American history, History Department, Graduate School, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Awards & Honors

Jun 1998
Shimizu Hiroshi Award

Published Papers

White Revolution in the South: Wilmington, N.C., in 1898
ヒグチ ハユミ
American Review   (13) >71-95   Mar 1979
White Supremacy and Black Community at the Turn of the Century in North Carolina
ヒグチ ハユミ
American Review   (18) >134-156   Mar 1984
"Billiken Club: 'Race' Leaders Educating Children"
ヒグチ ハユミ
13 >154-159   Oct 2005
“Reconsidering Economic Endeavors by Slaves as a Clue to Reinterpreting Slavery: Comment on NUMAOKA Tsutom, ‘The Land for Slaves Reconsidered’”
ヒグチ ハユミ
>139-143   Mar 2005
The Study of Whiteness: How Effective Is It as a New Conceptual Approach to Understanding the History of Race Relations?
ヒグチ ハユミ
>   Mar 2001


What Is Social History?: Its Narrative Approach and Historical Sources
Yuko Matsumot, Kazuto Oshio
Iwanami Publishing Co.   >3-29   Aug 2006
Attemps to Getting out of the Poverty
ヒグチ ハユミ
Iwanami Publishing Co.   >243-253   Aug 2006
Book review on _Wealth and Environment_ edited by Eiichi Akimoto and Kazuto Oshio (Minelva, 2006)
ヒグチ ハユミ
(227) >88-90   2007
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave
Sairyusha Co., Ltd   >   Jan 2016

Books etc

Somerset Homecoming: Recovering a Lost Heritage
ヒグチ ハユミ
Sairyusha Co., Ltd.   Jun 2002   ISBN:978-4-88202-754-2
Black Leaders and White Management in Nothern Industrial Cities: The Formation of a Positive Black Identity in the Inter-war Period
ヒグチ ハユミ
Sairyusha Co., Ltd.   Jun 1997   ISBN:978-4-88202-448-9
American Histories: Narrating the Routes to Nationhood
Ken Chujo (Part:Joint Work)
Sairyusha Co., Ltd.   Feb 2006   ISBN:978-4-7791-1
Coming of Age in Mississippi
ヒグチ ハユミ
Sairyusha Co., Ltd.   2008   ISBN:978-4-7791-1349-9
African American Communities in Flux
Takahiro Sasaki and others (Part:Joint Work)
Sairyusha, Inc.   2012   ISBN:ISBN978-4-7791-1763-3

Conference Activities & Talks

Slavery in American South at the Time of the Haitien Revolution
Annual conference   Sep 2011   Japanese Association for American History
Color Blindness and Civil Rights in U. S. History
JAAS 47th Annual Conference Program   1 Jun 2013   Japanese Association for American Studies

Research Grants & Projects

National consciousness in American history
Civil Rights Struggles in the United States of America
Re-interpreting slavery in the United States
Icons and memories in historical studies
Communities in the United States history