OHARA Mayumi

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OHARA Mayumi
Meiji Gakuin University
Faculty of Letters, Department of Art Studies

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 1984
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Associate Professor
Oct 1989
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Apr 1970
Mar 1974
The University of Tokyo
Apr 1974
Mar 1977
Graduate School, Division of Humanities, The University of Tokyo
Apr 1977
Mar 1982
Graduate School, Division of Humanities, The University of Tokyo
Oct 1978
Sep 1983
Kunstgeschichte, Philosophische Fakultaet, FB Geschichtswissenschaft, Freie Universitaet Berlin

Published Papers

German Early Romantic Landscape Painting and the Aesthetic Protestantism
Gengo Bunka   (36) 303-334   Mar 2019
On the impact of early romantic theology Ueber die Religion (1799) by Friedrich Schleiermacher on two contemporary painters, Caspar David Friedrich and Philipp Otto Runge, who created a new type of landscape painting.
Research papers after...
Franz Pforrs Reiseberichte von Wien nach Rom, Teil 1
Meiji Gakuin University Art Studies   (28) 67-90   Jul 2018
Carl Rottmann's Cycle of Greek Landscape Paintings, Part 4
Meiji Gakuin University Art Sudies   27 1-13   Jul 2017
The Cycle of Greek Landscape Painting by Carl Rottmann, Part 3
Meiji Gakuin Art Studies   (26) 1-15   Jul 2016
Analyse of the Mural Paintings in the Neue Pinakothek, classified after their Main Motives
The Cycle of Greek Landscape Painting by Carl Rottmann, Part 2
Meiji Gakuin University Art Studies   (25) 19-30   Jul 2015


Caspar David Friedrich's Drawings: Nature Studies into Art
Journal of National Museum of Western Art   8 11-26   Mar 2004
Visualized Gender-Bias in Weimar Germany in the Case of Otto Dix
Kokubungaku   44(1) 50-57   Jan 1999   [Invited]

Books etc

"Artistic Exchanges between Berlin and other German Cities in the 19th Century"
Jun 2015   ISBN:978-4-902084-67-2
A survey of the artistic exchanges between Berlin and three other "big" cities, i.e. Dresden, Duesseldorf and Munich, in the 19th Century
Comments on the Lecture by Dr. Beate Mirsch:"Grace and Beauty -The Dubble Portraits of Princesses by Schadow and the Tomb of Queen Luise by Rauch in the Prussian Sculpture"
Apr 2015   
As a Soldier, Artist or Father - "Male"Self-Images by Otto Dix(Art and Gender 2: Intersecting Visions)
Bruecke   Nov 2005   ISBN:4-434-07049-5
Germania, Deutscher Micheland War: Two German National Symbols and the Images of War (Reports of the Symposium: War and its Memory)
Mar 2004   
National Monuments in Germany 1813-1913 from the Wars of Liberation to the End of the Empire
Toshindo   Aug 2003   ISBN:4-88713-499-1

Conference Activities & Talks

Observation-Symbol-Ornament -Philipp Otto Runge's Botanical Landscape-
2 Dec 2012   
Artistic Exchange between Bavaria and Greece in the Time of King Ludwig I
The Gases of Encounter with European Painting: Greece and Japan   8 Jun 2013   Research Society of Modern Greek Painting
Koenigin Luise und Queen Victoria in der Kunst [Invited]
Beate Mirsch, "Anmut und Schoenheit"   19 Dec 2014   OZEKI, Miyuki
The Role of the Early German and Netherlandish Prints in the Image-Making of the Middle Ages by the Nazarenes -The Case of Franz Pforr-
Artistic Prints as a Place of Creating, Mediating and Momorizing of Images   5 Dec 2015   Meiji Gakuin University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Art Studies; Researchers' Network in the Art History of the German-Speking Countries
German Early Romantic Landscape Painting and the Aesthetic Protestantism
Symposium: German Art and Protestantism   8 Dec 2018   


The complete Graphic works of Hundertwasser
The Others   1988

Research Grants & Projects

Reception of Raphael and Duerer by German Romantic Artists
Project Year: Apr 1986 - Mar 1987
Rudolph of Habsburg in Art
Project Year: Apr 1988 - Mar 1989