MUTO Takashi

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MUTO Takashi
Dokkyo Medical University
School of Medicine, Department of public Health
Job title
(BLANK)(Keio University)

Research Areas



Faculty of Medicine, Niigata University


Relationship of Smoking to Absenteeism due to Illness and Injury in Male Workers
Japanese Journal of Public Health   39(7)    1992
Keio Journal of Medicine   41(1) 21-24   1992
A Study of Exercise programs and Instructors for a Fitness Program in a Corporate Setting
Japanese Journal of Public Health   38(4)    1991
Pattern and tracking of Blood Pressure over a 30-year Observation period, and predictive Value of Blood Pressure for Hypertension
Journal of the keio Medical Society   67(1)    1990
Evaluation of Human Dry Dock by its Participants with Special reference to Health education
Japanese Journal of Public Health   34(10)    1987

Books etc

Evaluation of Health Education and Health Promotion
Evaluation of Health Education and Health Promotion   1994   
Factors associated with decreased occupational iujuries and diseases in the Japanese Construction Industry
Proceedings of the Interationdl symposium on occupationdl health and practical Approaches in small-scale enterprises   1995   
Future trends with implementing office computer methods in Japanese companies.
Proceedings of the International Symposium : Work in the Information Society.   1996   
Costs of occupational health and safety in Japanese companies.
Proceedings of European Conference on Costs and Benefits of Occupational Safety and Health   1998   
Evaluation of policies and measures for older workers from the viewpoint of occupational health.
In : Kilbom A, Westerholm P, Hallsten L, Furaker B. ed. Work after 45? Solna : National Institute for Working life   1997   


Evaluation of health guidance after health checkups
Comparative study of OHS in small-scale enterprises
Cost benefit analysis of OHS in small-scale enterprises
Needs survey in human dry docks

Research Grants & Projects

Evaluation of Health Promotion and Health Education
Evaluation of Occupational Health Services
Economic Evaluation of Health Care