Ogino Misako

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Ogino Misako
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Professor, Sophia University Faculty of Human Sciences, Department of Psycology

Published Papers

Recognition of apology and forgiveness from the narratives of victims' episodes in preschool children : from the apology-forgiveness script's perspective
Hayakawa Takako, Ogino Misako
The Psychological report of Sophia University   (36) 19-29   Mar 2012   [Refereed]
Synthesis a new web application system using XML, php and Excel
FUKURA Hirofumi, Ito Kumiko, Ogino Misako
Bulletin of Polytechnic University   (26) 18-24   Mar 2011
A study of the process in which a child gives meaning to the experience of dental treatment : From a perspective of the discrepancies in perception between the child, the dentist, and the parents
Okazaki Sayaka, Kodaira Hiroe, Asada Yoshinobu, Ogino Misako
The Psychological report of Sophia University   35 39-50   Mar 2011   [Refereed]
The effects of apologizing behaviors of the offender on forgiveness in high school students: From the perspective of differing degrees of intimacy and different standpoints as offender or victim
Hayakawa Takako, Ogino Misako
Japanese journal of interpersonal and social psychology   10 187-196   Mar 2010   [Refereed]
Offender's words and facial expressions in a virtual apologizing situation among elementary school to high school children: in respect of the degree of intimacy
Hayakawa Takako, Ogino Misako
The Psychological report of Sophia University   34 61-72   Mar 2010


Cultural actions on objects and early language development.
Haruni Kobayashi 、 OGINO MISAKO
The Emergence of Human Cognition and Language(Annual Report of Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research)   3 62-65   1996
Cultural action on objects and early language development
Misako Ogino Harumi Kobayashi
The emergence of human cognition and language   (2) 327-334   1996
Introduction to Infant Study : Today and Tomorrow
Minerva   (19) 72-81   Feb 1996
Acquisition of words and non-verbal mother-infant interaction
(1995) 124-133   1995
Developmental Assessment and Learring Progress of Action Words
Final Report of Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research   (1995)    1995

Books etc

Evolutionary and developmental psychology of gaze understanding
Ogino Misako (Part:Joint Work)
University of Tokyo Press   Nov 2005   ISBN:4130111175
Practicals for psychology : a student workbook
Ogino Misako (Part:Joint Translation)
Shin'yosha   Sep 2001   ISBN:4788507765
The social development of children : causes and consequences
Ogino Misako
University of Tokyo Press   Apr 1997   ISBN:413012031X
The psychology of development and instruction
Ogino Misako (Part:Joint Work)
University of Tokyo Press   Apr 1996   ISBN:4130520725
Creation of life-span learning
Ogino Misako
Minerva   May 1994   ISBN:4623024237