OHATA Hisayuki

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OHATA Hisayuki
Showa University
School of Pharmacy, Pharmacology
Job title
Associate professor

Research Interests


Research Areas



Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science, Showa University


Role of phosphatidic acid in contractile mechanisms of smooth muscle
J. Pharmacobio-Dyn.   15,S-58    1992
Role of phosphatidic acid in carbacho-induced contraction in guinea pig taenia coli
Res. Commun. Chem. Pathol. Pharmacol.   71,59-72    1991
Phosphatidic acid-induced contraction in guinea pig tarnia coli
Res. Commun. Chem. Phathol. Pharmacol.   68,329-342    1990
Changes in contracytile responses of single smooth muscle to agonists
J. Phormacobio-Dyn.   12,S-115    1989
Inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate-induced contraction in skinned single smooth muscle cells
J. Phomocobio-Dyn.   11,479-482    1988

Books etc

The pH paradox in reperfusion injury to heart cells
Cell Biology and Trauma(CRC Press)   1995   
Measurement of electrical potential, PH, and free Ca2+ in endividual mitochondria of living cells by laser scanning confocal microscopy
Methods in Enzymology(Academic Press)   1995   
The PH paradox in ischemia-reperfusion injury to cardiac myocyfes
Myocardial Ischemia : Mechanisms, Reperfusion, Protection   1996   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on mechanisms in intracellular signaling
Development of technique in real-time imaging of intracellular calcium
Study on mechanotransduction mechanisms
Mechanotransduction in endothelialcells and vascular function