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Showa Women's University
Faculty of International Humanities, Department of English Language and Communication
Doctor of Education

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Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 1980
Mar 1992
Associate Professor
Apr 1985
Mar 1998
Secretary to Chancellor
Apr 1992
Mar 1996
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Apr 1966
Mar 1971
Showa Women's University

Committee Memberships

Apr 2010
The Japan Society of English Language Education
Nov 2012
Learner Corpus Research (LCR)  Program Committee

Awards & Honors

Oct 2010
2010 Japan Association for English Corpus Studies Award


Stories Told by English Speakers and How to Apply Those in English Education (3)Features of Stories and How to Create "My Story"
(50) 702-707   Jun 2018   [Refereed]
Picture Stories in Japanese Elementary School English Classrooms (1) An Overview
Gakuen   (918) 2-11   Apr 2017   [Refereed]
This is an overview of a series of discussions on the effectiveness of using picture stories in elementary school English classrooms in Japan. How both theoretical backgrounds and the revised course guide policy, which
comes into force in 2020, p...
Stories Told by English Speakers and Their Appication to Englih Education in Japan: (3) Characteristics of the Stories and Creation of New Stories
(906) 2-12   Apr 2016   [Refereed]
This is the third study in a series which explores the possibilities of utilizing stories from the Once Upon a Time Story Corpus as a useful means to teach introductory level English learners in Japan. Using words, phrases and typical plots freque...
Basic Research on Vocabulary and Phrases Used in Introductory Level English Textbooks
Bulletin of the Institute of Modern Education, Showa Women's University, 2015   61-70   Feb 2016
Seven levels of elementary English textbooks We Can published from OUP, were analysed to show the frequency of word and phrases based on the corpus of those texts.
Stories Told by English Speakers and Their Application to English Education in Japan: (2) Little Red Riding Hood
Gakuen   (894) 2-16   Apr 2015   [Refereed]

Books etc

The Successful EFL Teacher's Guide i Primary Classrooms
Showa Women's University Institute of Mdern Education   Feb 2019   
The Successful EFL Teacher's Guide in Primary Classrooms
Misuzu Takami, Miho Kokubu (Part:Joint Work)
Showa Women's University Institute of Modern Education   Nov 2016   
The role of primary school English teaching in Japanese English education, L1 and L2 learning systms and what communicative ability is are mainly explained, as an important background knowledge to teahcers who teach English at primary schools.
Japanese Sub-Corpus in Louvain International Database of English Interlanguage
G.Gilquin, S. De Cock, S. Granger, Y.Ikegami and others (Part:Joint Work)
UCL Presses (Universitaires de Louvain)   Nov 2010   ISBN:978-2-87463-245-7
This is a corpus of interviews in English by higher intermediate and advanced learners. It contains 554 interviews (130 hours of recordings) of EFL speaking from learners representing 11 different mother tongue backgrounds including French, Germ...
Japanese Sub-Corpus in International Corpus of Learner English Version 2
S. Granger, E. Dagneaus, F. Meunier, M, Paquot, Y. Ikegami and others (Part:Joint Work)
UCL Presses (Universitaires de Louvain)   Nov 2009   ISBN:978-2-87463-143-6
This is a corpus of writing by higher intermediate and advanced learners. It contains 3.7 million words of EFL writing from learners representing 16 different mother tongue backgrounds (Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, I...
The Role of the First Language in Foreign Language Classrooms
UMI   Jan 1992   
The use of first language and the target language in language classrooms in Japan were investigated based on calssroom interaction protocols and student uptake questionnaires.

Conference Activities & Talks

Responses of Chinese and Japanese English Learners in Interview Questions
TESOL Reginal Conference   3 Dec 2015   TESOL International Association
This session compares discourse patterns of interviewers' questions and the interviewees' reponses in the Louvain International Database of Spoken English Interlanguage Chinese and Japanese subcorpora. Although some differences were found in the f...
Bridge Program in preparation for Studying Abroad for Credits
Masuzawa, Fumiko Takano, Emiko Takami, Misuzu
28 Aug 2014   
The poster shows a challenge for Showa Women's Univerrsity on globalization, especially a newly developed program for the students in English Communication Department in Showa Boston, which bridges the study on Showa Boston caumpus and American Un...
Japanese University Students and Globalization: A Challenge for Showa Women's University [Invited]
Showa Women's University - Ana Heim University Open TESOL Seminar   3 Aug 2014   Showa Women's University, Japan and Ana Heim University, USA
Relationshipt between Questions and Responses in LINDSEI Japanese Subcorpus Interviews [Invited]
International Symposium Learner Corpsu Studies in Asia and the World   May 2014   Kobe University
This study investigated how the interviewers' questionns relate to inerviewees' repsponses in LINDSEI Japanese Subcorpus. The results show that in order to elicit reponses greater in quantity and higher in quality, the content matters, which sugge...
Use of "of" by Japanese University Students
LCR (Learner Corpus Research) Conference   28 Sep 2013   
This study explores why Japanese learners of English underuse "of" as has been shown in many former studies. The results show that they underuse "of" among the total tokens in the ICLE Japanese Sub-corpus but they overuse "of" in "noun + of + noun...