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St. Luke's International University
School of Nursing, School of Nursing, Child Health Nursing
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Master of Nursing Science(St. Luke's College of Nursing)

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Published Papers

(25) 41-51
Pediatric outpatient nurses are expected to play a diversity of roles nowadays. To study the curriculum of practical outpatient nursing for student nurses, we examined the frequencies of various outpatient duties practiced by pediatric outpatient ...
(17) 62-70
The purpose of this study is to examine the correspondence between self-care behaviors of preschoolers and their mothers.In this study, self-care behaviors have been defined as cognitive and behavioral activities to maintain adequrate health in fi...
(22) 59-71
The purpose of the research was to examine the nature of the nurse's recognition of problems in pediatric nursing, the method of solving the problems and the expectation of support by the pediatric nursing specialist. A questionnaire was sent to 1...


The study of nursing coordinator in community care support network for chronically ill children.
11(1) 62-67
Purpose: To develop an evidenced-based service learning program for Japanese nursing students participating involunteer activities in Thailand, we addressed the following questions: 1) what are the difficulties experienced byJapanese nursing stude...
11(1) 109-115   Jun 2007
After the big earthquake in Kansai area in 1995, volunteer activities became popular in Japan. Currently, manynursing students are working in the area of health or community service as volunteers. During the period of FY2002-2004, we investigated ...
11(1) 125-132   Jun 2007
Between April 2004 and March 2006, we conducted seven study meetings on children's health problems underthe auspices of the St. Luke's College of Nursing 21st century COE Program. These meetings were designed withthe aim of bringing together commu...

Research Grants & Projects

The study of mursing care for long-term ill children