SEKI Keiko

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SEKI Keiko
Jikei University
Faculty of Medicine, School of Medicine, Department of Microbiology(Ⅱ)
Ph.D.(Tokyo Medical and Dental University), M.Sc.(Ochanomizu University)

Research Areas



Simple method for observation of phagocytosis on bacterial thinlayer
Microbiolgy and Immunology   33(1)    1989
Altered virulence of a pleiotropic ┣DBStaphylococcus(/)-┫DB ┣DBaureus(/)-┫DB mutant with a low producibility of coagulase and other factors in mice.
Microbiolgy and Immunology   33(12)    1989
Effect of intravenous administration of heat-killed bacterial cells on blood clearance and kidney lodgement property of ┣DBStaphylococcus(/)-┫DB
Jikeikai Medical Journal   35(3)    1988
Effect of intrasplenic inoculation of live ┣DBStaphylococcus(/)-┫DB ┣DBaureus(/)-┫DB organisms on resistance of mice against intravenousely and intrarenally inoculated
Jikeikai Medical Journal   39(1)    1992
A procedure of method for blood sampling from retro orbital venous plexus.
The Journal of Experimental Animal Technology   25(1)    1990

Research Grants & Projects

Study on the virulence of staphyococcus aureus
Study on the phagocytic activities of leukocytes